Monday 24 September 2018

intu Trafford Centre Stylist Live Event 2018

A couple of weekends ago we were guests of intu Trafford Centre to take at a look at the Stylist Live event. This was a free weekend long event with talks, catwalk shows and pop up stalls all throughout the main mall of the centre.

We were invited along and so was Sim from Manchester Mummy, so we all jumped in her car bright and early on the Sunday morning. It's really weird being inside The Trafford Centre when nothing is open and it's almost empty...

Being there early allowed us to check out where everything was and enjoy a complimentary breakfast at Bills on the first floor. I love Bills and so do my boys, so they were ecstatic. As ever, a gorgeous breakfast and truly lovely staff who were more than happy to adapt the food to our liking.

All of the talks, including presentations and discussions, took place in The Orient, on the big stage.

The list was really impressive, including people such as Reggie Yates on filmmaking, Dame Kelly Holmes on mental health, Michelle Keegan, Gemma Cairney and The Secrets Of A make Up Artist with Caroline Barnes.

It was really well done and the entire room could choose to listen and watch because of the big screens, but the volume was comfortable, so those who weren't interested could still dine and talk.

The Stylist Live Catwalk Shows were held several times each day and the real models were a touch more sophisticated than my boys! The catwalk itself was actually the escalators in the main dome, which was a stroke of genius. It gave so many people a really good view, the lighting was excellent and even my boys were more than happy to sit still and watch for the whole 12 minutes.

The catwalk shows were curated by Max Factor and showcased Autumn/Winter trends which you can buy in the Trafford Centre. The make up was organised by Caroline Barnes and it was a truly impressive display.

I've genuinely never been that close to so many models before and I was quite pleased I wasn't standing up because they were all a foot taller than me. It was nice to see some models with curves and shape more like mine, and nicer that I didn't even realise at the time.

The Pops ups ran along most of the main mall and there were absolutely loads of them. There was huge variation too, so something to interest anyone. Coka Cole Zero Sugar was incredibly popular, and right at the other end, PopChips!

In between though were lots of skin care, make up and other brands, including Pandora jewellery, NAKD snacks, Living Proof hair care, Max Factor and Murad make up, Dermalogica and Pixi skincare, Renault Clio and Gordon's Premium Pink Gin. I'm glad I was'nt driving...

It was a really great free public event. I now know the importance of Vitamin C for my skin, I know which colour foundation I need and I can see which trends I'll be hoping to look to buy when I next go shopping. My boys were not bored at all (well, maybe when we were watching Secrets Of A Make Up Artist) and there was so much to see that if I'd been at the Trafford Centre to do shopping, I'd never have had a chance to get around it all.

Stylist Magazine is a free weekly magazine that has been published in the UK since 2009. 

The Trafford Centre regularly host events of all different types and you can find out what's coming up on the intu Trafford Centre website. A little bird tells me they might be looking to repeat the Magical Christmas Parade again this year - and that is definitely something I'm looking forward to...

This was a free, public event and we were not paid to attend. We were however guests of intu Trafford Centre and given a complimentary breakfast and a goodie bag which my boys very much enjoyed - they ate the sweeties and a cupcake before we even got home...

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