Tuesday 4 September 2018

Our Summer Holiday Visit With The Shetland Ponies

If you have followed my blog for a while or follow me on social media then you may well be aware that my children have Grandparents living in Scotland. Not only are they on a gorgeous farm with their own bit of woodland, but they also care for, and occasionally breed, Shetland Ponies.

The ponies are well used to children because they are used for riding and carriage driving, including working with disabled youngsters, and I think they enjoy the attention as much as my boys enjoy giving it.

Both the boys adore animals, but my 8 year old was the one who really couldn't leave the ponies alone this time. His brother was equally interested in all of the tiny wildlife - or bugs are we usually call them. I refused point blank to post any of the photo's he took of earwigs and he can't understand why. We did just about photograph a shrew though! We definitely saved it from the cat.

The weather was awesome. We only managed 4 days up there between family needing us and work commitments, and took loads of games and books in case of rain. It was glorious.

I even managed to take a photo which looks like the most photoshopped photo ever, yet this hasn't even got a filter. It probably says something about us, and I'm not sure what, but I quite like it.

Autumn is coming and the nights were cold, so apparently Grandma's chair with a kitten was the place to be. These are meant to be ferocious working farm cats...

My son even found time to do something which is one of my fondest memories of childhood - making a cake with your Grandma. It was my his favourite Blackberry Sponge recipe and it turned out delicious. Precious memories made.

The ponies are excellently behaved and regularly win awards. They were off to a show for the weekend, so we went and helped set up. The electric fence proved a far more effective method of controlling our youngest than we'd anticipated. He isn't quite tall enough to step over it and got a shock which really brought tears to his eyes...

Sadly that was us, off to enjoy a few hours on the M6 home. Luckily their Grandparents raised 3 small boys and know that a hug from an 8 or 9 year old is a rare treat that has to be taken at any opportunity...

If you like looking at off-centre slightly blurry photos of Shetland Ponies, I've written many times about our visits in the past (and the boys really did get big!) including:

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May 2015 at a pony show
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  1. Such a wonderful break and experience for your boys!! Those ponies look so cute, it'll be great memories for them when they are older!

    1. It really is - they are so lucky to have Grandparents with such an amazing lifestyle. Thanks Fiona :)

  2. Aww! What a lovely break you had.
    When I was a child I lived on a farm & had two Shetland ponies. They really are the cutest and are ever so cheeky.
    Gorgeous photos x

  3. Aww those ponies are so cute. Looks like they loved spending time with them and had a lovely holiday. Which a wonderful place to visit xx


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