Wednesday 26 September 2018

Who Did It? Family Game Review for Blogger Boardgame Club (age 6+)

This review for the Blogger Boardgame Club is Who Did It?, a family card game from Blue Orange. Suitable for 3 to 6 players aged 6+, this is a game that really appealed to my 8 and 10 year old boys and has turned out to be excellent fun for everyone. The premise of the game is simple  - get rid of your animal cards to pass the blame on and prove it wasn't your pet who pooped on the carpet.

I've raised 5 boys, I'll be honest, I've heard all of the poop jokes many times over. I was worried I'd be a bit 'yeeuch', but actually it's just funny, fast paced and there isn't time for many poop jokes.

Inside the box are 36 cards (6 animals in 6 colors), 13 poop tokens and a rule booklet. The box is brilliant. Thick card and a magnetic closure, plus it's tiny and will hardly take up any storage space - nicely done.

The whole thing is excellent quality. The printing and card are really nicely made and the illustrations are beautiful.

Set up is instant. Each player takes a set of 6 cards of one colour, Colour isn't important - great for my colourblind kids. The youngest player starts and places a card on the table, for example their Rabbit card, declaring "It wasn't my rabbit who pooped on the carpet, it was someone else's....". They then pick one of the 6 animal characters - rabbit, cat, fish, hamster, parrot or tortoise.

The other players all look at their cards and the fastest to place their own with a matching animal is the next to pass the blame. Play continues like this until someone can't pass the blame...

Brains come into this game because the player who can't find someone else to blame is responsible and earns a poop. At first you can say any animal, but as play progresses you have to remember what has already gone. If you say "cat" and all of the cat cards are already on the pile, your pet keeps the blame.

When your pet did the crime, you take a poop. The person with the most poop at the end is the loser.

We loved Who Did It? It's a really great game and was lots of fun. You have to be stern about politeness or it can get a bit frantic, and we found the younger players had a definite advantage - they won often. The 8 and 10 year old boys were much quicker than their parents and 20 year old brother!

Each game takes around 15 minutes, so you don't need to commit a whole evening. It's a great 'warm up' game and fabulous for all playing together because you can play almost instantly. Brilliant value for the money and a fabulous smaller gift or Secret Santa this Christmas.

Who Did It? is available to buy now, currently priced £10.99rrp from all good toy and game shops, including online at Amazon*. For more information about the entire range available see the Blue Orange website

We were sent our copy of Who Did It? for review. *Amazon links are affiliate, which means I earn a few pence as a thank you for my time if you order through my link, but you don't pay any extra. 

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