Friday 25 October 2019

Ad | #HARIBOShareTheScare Double-Sided Halloween Trick Or Treat Lucky Dip Box

This year HARIBO and MAOAM have not only released their own special edition Halloween sweets, but they've teamed up to bring us a giant Duo Pack. They asked me if I had some ideas for how we can all 'Share The Scare' this Halloween without spending a fortune on what is essentially one night.

Ad | Share The Scare With HARIBO and MAOAM large box shaped like a door: saying Enter if you dare

Ever popular here are Revolting Rotten Halloween Cupcakes and a good old-fashioned home-made Witches Broom, and we've really gone to town to create our double-sided Trick Or Treat Lucky Dip Box - I think you'll like it...

Frugal Halloween ideas to make at home

We were sent a box of goodies to nibble while we work, and you couldn't get better inspiration - or bribery for my partner. He adores sweets and I don't let him have them every week. There's a video with sound on my Instagram Highlights. Yes - I actually jumped when it said 'Boo'.

HARIBO Maoam Halloween Share The Scare treat box of tricks

HARIBO and MAOAM Halloween sweets selection trick or treat

We set the scene by pulling out all of our Halloween decorations and making some cupcakes. I've already explained how to make Revolting Rotten Halloween Cupcakes. This time we used big chunks of apple and they were delicious...

Revolting 'Rotten' Halloween Cupcakes recipe

We have a lot of shrubs and trees, so every year we make a Witches' Broomstick or two by gathering up some dead wood. You need a good handle and then lots of spindly twigs, and some string, tape or ribbon to tie it all together. It needs to be looped round lots of times to hold the twigs and the part where they are fastened together should be as wide as a grown up hand. Then tie it off really tightly - if it comes undone just pick it all up and re-make it.

How to make a witches broomstick

Almost perfect, but he needed more ribbon. Lucky he's also Batman or there could have been a nasty incident on his flight back from Ollivanders.

Home made witches broomstick

The Trick Or Treat Lucky Dip Box is a double-sided box which visitors must put their hand into in order to collect a treat. The trick is they don't know what's inside and can't see into it - and they'll only know it's double-sided if you tell them.

You'll need a cardboard box around 30cm by 30cm and 30cm tall.

How to make a Halloween double sided trick or treat box

Cut two holes in the box on opposite sides, at least 5cm from the top.  They need to be big enough for a grown up hand to easily slip in and out - you don't want to put people off entirely. Around 6cm x 12cm should do it.

Take a piece of card and fold it into a Z or S shape that just fits into your box, so that you split the box in half diagonally. You don't have to be neat - no-one sees this bit, but don't cover the holes in the sides. Tape it into place.

How to make a double sided lucky dip box for tricks pranks shows box as described

Scrunch up some noisy scrap paper and put it at the bottom of the box. Especially in the 'Treat' side, throw in some cotton wool or a bit of clean paper tissue ripped up.

Double sided lucky dip box for tricks pranks fooling your friends

In the other 'Trick' side, add a hand. It really freaks people out when they touch another hand they weren't expecting. You can use a £1 rubber hand like we have, or fill a rubber glove with cornflour and water - make sure you seal the end thoroughly so it doesn't spill out!

Place the hand in the box now, right at the back, before you close the lid. It should fit through the hole, but is easier to arrange beforehand. The scrunched paper should help it stand upright.

Trick hand in Double sided lucky dip box

You will probably need to close the box to decorate it using pens, paint, cloth, cotton wool or whatever you have that works. We used some old tatty-looking red serviettes from the back of the cupboard.

 decorating the Double sided Halloween Trick OR Treat lucky dip box

A darker colour underneath looks best, and old raggedy cloth will look pretty scary in the dark. Don't forget to leave the 2 hand holes open, but it's okay if things drape over them.

our double sided Halloween Trick Or Treat prank lucky dip box

Have a look through your Halloween drawer and add other exciting things inside the box -  spiders, bats, cobwebs and anything else you fancy. If you don't have any, draw some on card and cut them out. Small rubbery toys are brilliant because they feel weird when you touch them.

Halloween Trick Or Treat prank lucky dip box rubbery toys

When your victims visitors arrive, it's up to you if you send them to the less spooky side, or the side where they'll touch a cold, soft hand. If you want to make the 'trick' side really gruesome, add some chopped up jelly - don't forget tissues to wipe hands.

Finally add some treats - there has to be a reward for anyone brave enough to put their hand into the box!

putting hand into Halloween Trick Or Treat lucky dip box

You can only really see just how effective it looks when it's dark.... I'm really looking forward to Halloween now.

HARIBO will be sharing lots of great Halloween ideas and they want you to share yours too on social media, using the hashtag #HARIBOShareTheScare - there are some brilliant minds out there, so I can't wait to see what people come up with! 

HARIBO and MAOAM, including special Halloween Edition sweets, are available in large and small shops all around the UK.  

Haribo and Maoam Halloween Trick Or Treat sweets

HARIBO and MAOAM have been very popular treats in my house for as long as I can remember. If you don't eat regular Haribo or Maoam because of the ingredients, I reviewed the Vegetarian Haribo range earlier this year.

This post is a paid collaboration with HARIBO and MAOAM. The Trick Or Treat Box was entirely invented by us, mainly on the spot and with the aim that ANYONE can make it at home for free. 


  1. What a fab wee item. Looks great fun and the kids clearly loved making it. Who doesn't love Haribo xx

    1. They really did have loads of fun and are very excited about putting it outside on Halloween - I can't imagine many people putting their hand in! Hahaha


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