Thursday 10 October 2019

Ad | Student Nannies - connecting flexible childcare and families (New launch in Manchester).

Student Nannies has recently launched in the Manchester area, with the aim to pair up families needing babysitters with students who have childcare experience and other additional skills to offer.

Imagine a babysitter who can help your child with their science project or maths homework. Someone who can play football, piano or chat to them in Spanish.

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Student Nannies are all students looking to earn a little extra to supplement their loans, and all have plenty of proven experience with children, as well as being ID checked and background checked (real-time checks on global Watch Lists, Politically Exposed Persons and Adverse Media).

Every Student Nanny applicant is interviewed by a mum or teacher before they are added to the site and they're quite strict. Among other things the applicant has to have "fluent spoken English, babysitting experience, the ability to think on their feet and a kind, calm manner".

Every time a Student Nanny is employed to look after children, the parents can give feedback, so you can be assured that the person who turns up at your door has been peer-tested and not found wanting. Parents can also ask Student Nannies for references from other parents, and any additional checks Student Nannies have will be shown on their profiles (DBS checks, 1st Aid Certificate, Life Guard qualification etc.).

Student nanny playing ukelele and child joining in on their own instrument

It's not only the children and parents who are looked after by Student Nannies, the students are too. They have the reassurance that they won't find themselves arriving somewhere unknown, alone and vulnerable. When parents and guardians first register they give permission to have the same basic background checks performed - so students can be reassured they are who they say they are.

If there are any concerns from a family or a student, the profile is removed while it is investigated.

I have a big family and all of my grown up kids are very competent with children of all ages. They are also very understanding of children on the autistic spectrum, and bereaved children. They have specialist skills. We all have special skills to offer to the right people. 3 of our big kids are away at uni studying Art, Engineering and Dentistry. I'd worry about them advertising babysitting availability to strangers near where they live, but I'd feel secure if they told me they had signed up for a service such as this.

Because all of our big kids have moved out or live away at uni and we don't have any Grandparents nearby,  if we need childcare we are a bit stuck. I'd be more than happy to book sitters for them from Student Nannies, so I had a good look around the site.

Registering was very quick and painless, and within 5 minutes I was browsing. There are already over 300 Student Nannies registered in Manchester and Salford. Each student sets up a profile, so you can see a photo and their information. I've blanked out some more personal details and overlaid my own photos - because you aren't registered.

The majority of Student Nannies are obviously aged 18-22, with some more mature students. The mix is mainly female, but there are a few male students signed up too. The range of skills is super impressive.

2 student profiles showing photo name age, qualifications, experience and skills

There are no hidden fees with Student Nannies. You can pay a booking fee for ad hoc babysitting through the platform or a regular £15 monthly charge, but the students are not employees. Hourly rates are set by each individual Student Nanny and clearly stated in their profile. Payments are made securely through the site, so no-one needs to carry cash.

Students are usually energetic, often flexible with times and short on cash. In today's society we often don't know our local community or live near relatives, so reliable childcare can be hard to find. I think Student Nannies is a great idea and I wish them well. And if I need childcare, I really would be happy to use their service.

You can find out everything you need to know and register on the Student Nannies Manchester website, where you can also ask any questions you may have. If you are not in the Manchester or Salford area then take a look at the full Student Nannies site to find out if they operate near you.

This post is sponsored by Student Nannies, but everything I have written is entirely my honest opinion and I do think it's an excellent platform which benefits everyone involved. 

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