Friday 18 October 2019

Frozen Unicorns Family and Party Game Review (age 6+) Sent by Gamely Games

Gamely Games create family card games which can be played by anyone and are certain to bring a smile to everyone's face. They've sent us their brand new game Frozen Unicorns for review and it really is a lot of fun, and very user-friendly. Suitable for a whopping 3-30 players aged 6+, you can easily adapt how long you play and how difficult the game is for all players, or just some.

Frozen Unicorns Family and Party Game box cover showing dancing illustrated unicorns

As with other Gamely Games, everything is contained in a neat, sturdy little box just twice the size of a pack of playing cards, and there's barely any plastic waste. It can be shipped through the regular post in a little cardboard box that fits through the letterbox, and is easily taken with you when you go on holiday or visiting.

Frozen Unicorns Family Party Game box contents cards and instructions

Inside the box are over 100 cards in 3 difficulty levels - Easy, Medium and Hard, with corresponding point values. On the front of each card is a 'person' or animal to be depicted. E.g. Fisherman or Crab. They vary is difficulty and all have 1 thing in common - they're frozen.

Frozen Unicorns Game Review card examples easy medium hard

Players take turns to be the active player, or 'Guesser'. The Guesser picks a difficulty level and closes their eyes/leaves the room/puts on a blindfold - depending on how much you trust them. The other players turn over the card and all begin to act out what is shown. The Guesser counts down from 5, and at 0 shouts 'Freeze' and opens their eyes.

The Guesser now has to guess what frozen person or animal is being depicted. They have 3 guesses, and if you need a hint or are playing with younger people you can shout 'Unfreeze' and the players will all move for 5 seconds before freezing again - this can be really helpful!

Frozen Unicorns depicting frozen vampire but really they just look like they are slow motion fighting
Vampires apparently!
It can be so hard!! You are convinced you have the best frozen swan in the world and then your kids think you are a chicken or a tortoise?! It's also truly hilarious. We all laughed so much at each other's attempts and guesses. The more seriously you take it, the funnier it gets.

Frozen Unicorns depicting frozen vampire man looking fierce
Also a Vampire - apparently!
If the Guesser is taking a long time, you'll start to get tired in your pose - so try and pick a stance which you can hold easily for a couple of minutes. At one point I realised 3 of us were all leaning on the coffee table (we were frozen ice skaters and mostly on one leg). Frozen players can also choose to work together - this is great for depicting things like 'Wrestling' - it makes it a lot easier!

Once someone has scored 7 points, continue until you reach the end of the round and see if anyone else catches up. If 2 players draw, they have a head-to-head battle to decide the winner, and who gets to hold the coveted Winner's Card.

I won Frozen Unicorns by Gamely Games winners card with comedy exhausted unicorn illustration

You can easily choose a different target number of points if you wish to play for a shorter or longer time, you can include time limits for Guessers and you can make more competent players only use certain difficulty of cards. There's a lot of adaptability, so it's a very inclusive game and easy to set everyone on a level playing field.

I honestly wasn't sure if I'd enjoy Frozen Unicorns, but we all really like it. It's daft, but you can really use your brain too. Anyone can win a game - it's really very even between the 4 of us. You can play with pretty much as many people as you like, so it's ideal for parties.

Boys playing Frozen Unicorns by gamely games frozen swans with an arm out like a trunk
Frozen swans - obviously! 
There's no benefit to age, adults try to be cleverer with their frozen depictions than children, and often the children had the best idea. Thinking outside the box can give you a massive advantage, as can just being obvious!

Frozen Unicorns Family Game of statues and guesswork the actual card that tells you to be a frozen unicorn

Gamely Games have kindly offered a copy of Frozen Unicorns for one of my readers in my Christmas Present Giveaways, which will be live in November. You can find all of my current UK giveaways here...

Frozen Unicorns is suitable for available to buy now priced £12.99 with free postage direct from Gamely Games, where you can also find out about the other games they have created - including Jibbergiggle, which we reviewed earlier.

We were sent our copy of Frozen Unicorns for review.


  1. This looks like such a fun game. I am sure my kids would love this x


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