Wednesday 28 August 2019

Jibbergiggle Family Game Review Age 8+ (Sent by Gamely Games)

Jibbergiggle is a great little card-based 3-8 player family game for anyone aged 8+, which is far more fun than you might at first realise. Take a Jibbergiggle Sound Card and a Scenario Card, and try to get the other players to guess your scenario - but the only noises you can make are the nonsense words on your Sound Card....

Jibbergiggle Family Game pack shot of box

Suitable for 3-8 players, Jibbergiggle is packaged beautifully in a sturdy cardboard box and is only a little bigger than a pack of cards, so it's ideal to take out with you on holiday, travelling or visiting.

There's shrink wrap plastic covering the box and card packs, so it's not 100% eco-friendly, but as that's almost the same weight of plastic as taping it shut would be, with double-sided cards and small sizing, it's not bad.

Jibbergiggle family card game box contents

Jibbergiggle is super easy to learn and set up for play, so you can start immediately. There are 8 rounds of Scenario Cards, which do increase with difficulty overall, although that's no real indicator of how likely it is that they'll be answered correctly - luck and some crazy associations come into the guesswork!

Jibbergiggle Family Game example scenario cards in different colours and difficulties

Before you start play, everyone decides which of the 3 sounds on the Sound Cards you'll all use - 1st, 2nd or 3rd row. Active players can ONLY make the sound on their card, but you can repeat it or repeat individual syllables. If your word was "jibbergiggle" for example, you can say "Jibber giggle jibbergiggle gig gig jibber" etc.

 Jibbergiggle family game card examples how do you play

Scenario Cards are double-sided and you start with the Round 1 Cards. Place the stack on the table, take the top 8 cards and place them around, so that 9 scenarios are now visible. Take the Nonsense Words Cards and place this stack on the table facing down (see below).

Everyone takes it in turns to be the active player. They take the top Jibbergiggle Sound Card and then, without letting anyone know, mentally pick one of the Scenario Cards on the table. Sit on your hands and making only the sounds on your card, use your expression and tone of voice to try to depict the scenario.

Jibbergiggle family game review gameplay set up on a tabletop

As soon as someone thinks they know which of the 9 scenarios you are depicting, they can shout Jibbergiggle and make their guess. If they are right, they win the Scenario Card and the active player keeps the Sound Card. If they are wrong they have to wait until the next round and the active player has to continue performing until someone correctly guesses. If no-one guesses, cards are discarded. The next person clockwise becomes the active player.

Jibbergiggle portable family card game in action

Each round another card is taken from the Scenario Card stack, so there are always 9 scenarios visible on the table until you begin to run out. The game ends when a single player has won 10 cards in total, or when there are only 3 scenarios left on the table.

Jibbergiggle is super quick to set up and start to play, and it's really a lot more fun than I expected. I wasn't sure if it would just be a bit daft, but it isn't, even when you are saying 'Fromage' repeatedly in an effort to convey the idea you are having a baby. It's more hilarious than anything else.

A game is meant to last around 30-45 minutes and we found with 4 of us we take a bit longer, but I think once you've played a few times that'll get quicker. It is easier to guess which of the 9 visible scenarios you are watching than you'd expect and everyone wins some cards.

Age or knowledge aren't an advantage, you all play on a level field, but it would possibly be a bit frustrating for younger players if no-one can guess the scenario, so I agree with the 8+ age suggestion. Perfect as a warm up game or to fill an hour - and if you don't have time to play through, you can easily play 'most cards wins'.

Jibbergiggle is made by Gamely Games (who also make Soundiculous and Randomise). Available now at the very fair price of £12.99rrp, making it an ideal Christmas gift - and the perfect game to play with visiting family or friends. Here's an Amazon affiliate link below with free Prime postage:

We were sent our copy of Jibbergiggle for review by Gamely Games. Amazon links are affiliate and I'd earn a few pence if you ordered through my link, but you'd never pay any more. 


  1. We have this game and we love it! It is such fun and always ends up with us all in a fit of giggles x

    1. It really is such simple fun - it's very clever. And surprising just how much you can convey using one word or phrase!


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