Friday 23 August 2019

National Geographic Recycled Plastic Reversible Bedding Review (Sent by Dreamtex)

I worked with Dreamtex earlier this year because they sent my boys some awesome ISA NASA and Fallout Game bedding. I love their quality, bright colours and really modern, attractive prints.

They have impressed me even more now with their collaboration with National Geographic to produce bedding made from cotton and recycled plastic bottles - up to 12 in each set!

National Geographic Recycled Plastic Bedding in packaging. Two single bed sets dinosaur and oceans

I wasn't under any obligation to post anything here, but I love this bedding so much that it seems criminal not to give you a closer look. Our world is full of waste plastic and it's time we sorted out just what we are going to do with it. Recycling is so much better than almost any current alternative.

Close up view of 50% recycled plastic polycotton fabric

So what is it like? Is recycled plastic bedding different to regular pillowcases and duvet covers? No. It feels just the same. It's still 50% cotton and 50% polyster, or poly/cotton as you may know it. The only difference is that this is 50% manufactured from waste plastic bottles.

National Geographic Recycled Bedding close up showing fastenings and quality

You still have exactly the same Dreamtex quality, easy to use poppers and wide opening for simpler changing - and those gorgeous designs! I love these bed sets and so do my boys, they're really beautiful.

I haven't ironed them. I am a bad blogger.

Collage showing both sides Sealife Oceans Giants Of The Deep Reversible Recycled Bedding

The Ocean Life bedding has a huge seascape on one side, with sharks, glow-in-the-dark jellyfish and the stark reminder that only 10% of the ocean has been explored by humans. The other side has blocks with sea life facts.

The Ocean Life pillowcase has a message I think we are all very keen on promoting...

National Geographic Recycled Plastic Ocean Life Pillowcase with Save Our Oceans emblazoned

The Raptor pillowcase tells us you are a Dino Explorer - something my son thinks is a great profession...

Nat Geo Recycled Plastic Polycotton Dino Pillowcase with Dino Explorer written on it

On the reversible Raptor duvet cover is a giant Velociraptor skeleton, with a really attractive pattern on the reverse showing lots of fossils. We love fossils. I'd totally have this duvet cover myself.

Collage showing both sides of NatGeo Recycled Reversible Bedding with Raptor skeleton and fossils

The Dreamtex 50% recycled plastic bedding washes well, the colour doesn't run and you can dry it in the tumble drier. My boys chose their new bedding over the Fallout and  ISA NASA bedding we reviewed a little while ago and they fought over those, so it has to be a great measure of just how good it is.

Dreamtex Nat Geo Reversible Recycled bedding is arriving in ASDA stores as we speak. The Raptor set is available now, Ocean Life will be in stores soon. The technology behind it is a fabric called Repreve, which has already recycled more than 15 billion plastic bottles. 

We were sent 2 single bed sets comprising a duvet cover (137cm x 198cm) and pillowcase (50cm x 75cm). You can check out all of the different brands and licences they work with on the Dreamtex website.

For more information about our Earth, you can find out all sorts of facts on the National Geographic Kids website


  1. I didn't know recycled bedding was even a thing. How fantastic!
    What great sets of bedding. I love the Jellyfish one x

    1. They look so nice! The photos really don't so them justice, that blue is beautiful. I had a recycled plastic jumper in the late 90's, but it was very obviously made from 'plastic'fibres. This is a whole new ball game, it's just regular polycotton as far as you'd ever know :)


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