Friday 30 August 2019

Gruffles And The Killer Sheep by Kate Wiseman Young Fiction Review (Sent by Zuntold Publishing)

ZunTold Publishing’s next release is the third instalment in the hilarious Gangster School series by Kate Wiseman, Gruffles And The Killer Sheep, and we've been sent a copy to review as part of the Book Tour to promote release on 2nd September.

Recommended for children aged 6-13, although this book is third in a series, it also works as a standalone story. Characters are introduced gradually and the setting becomes obvious and understandable within the first couple of pages.

Gruffles And The Killer Sheep by Kate Wiseman book cover showing large gold tiyle and scary red eyed sheep drooling, gloomy old castle and 2 children running grinning

Gruffles is the stinky pet dog belonging to Charlie Partridge, a pupil at Blaggard's School For Tomorrow's Tyrants. His best friend is fellow pupil Milly Dillane and neither of them particularly want to beome master criminals. Fortunately they get plenty of chances to hone their skills protecting their school and it's pupils...

A group of pupils from Blaggard's travel to Crumley's School For Career Criminals to take part in the annual Crimicon gathering of competing schools. The head of Crumley's, Dr B L Zeebub, takes great delight in showing off his proudest invention - a flock of killer sheep. His demonstration takes a nasty turn when he only stops the sheep moments before they really do someone harm.

Gruffles And The Killer Sheep example page showing text size and language style

Something isn't quite right at the Crimicon. The minibus seems possessed as they arrive, Crumley's pupil Trixie doesn't quite seem to ever tell the truth and Blaggard's pupil Jet Mannington goes missing. Charlie and Milly have to act calm and unconcerned, while keeping an eye on Trixie and searching for Jet.

There is absolutely loads of action throughout, and the school setting is familiar to readers, even if it is in a huge old building in the woods. There are some really funny moments and seemingly genuine peril, although it never gets quite as scary as it first sounds.

Charlie and Milly are likeable, intelligent characters who don't have super-powers and they aren't really perfect at anything, so readers can identify with them and imagine themselves in their place.

Gangster School 3 Gruffles And The Killer Sheep by Kate Wiseman  back page blurb

Gruffles And The Killer Sheep is a really easy to read book, and I think my favourite of the 3 Gangster School books that Kate Wiseman has written so far. A great story that's very different and exciting, and an ideal book if your child wants a real novel, even if they aren't yet a fully confident reader.

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Gangster School 3: Gruffles And The Killer Sheep is written by Kate Wiseman and published by Zuntold. Great for children aged around 6-13, £6.99rrp, 212 pages and available to order ahead of release on 2nd September 2019. Amazon affiliate link below: 

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We were sent our copy of Gangster School: Gruffles And The Killer Sheep for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence if you buy through my link, but you never pay any more. It helps keep children's book reviews on the blog.


  1. I do love Kate Wiseman's series. Must get this book too xx

    1. She is good. This third book is really well-paced and the characters have settled into their roles nicely :)


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