Friday 2 August 2019

National Geographic Mini Dig Kits STEM Toy Review Age 8+ (Sent by Bandai)

This month Bandai have sent us three of the Mini Dig Kits from National Geographic for review. Smaller than the standard Dig Kits, each contains one genuine specimen which your child can dig out using the tool included.

National Geographic Mini Dig Kits in boxes Dino Poop Treasure and Shark Tooth

The Mini Dig Kits are hard plastic-wrapped, so not very eco-friendly. With scissors they're much more easily opened, but can have sharp edges, so watch your fingers. Inside is your specimen and a digging tool, as well as a leaflet with information.

National Geographic Mini Dig Kits packaging plastic and sharp

I may not be so keen on the packaging, but I love the contents and so do children. Dig Kits offer a surprise reward - you don't know what you'll end up with exactly, and no two end results are the same.

National Geographic Mini Dig Kits digging tool being used on the  plaster

We've been sent 3 different mini kits, the first is the Treasure Mini Dig Kit, which contains a genuine gemstone hidden inside a treasure chest.

This photo is a bit of a cheat because it's how my partner carefully dug out his treasure chest when he did one a while ago... The one we did today isn't as neat...

Mini Dig Kit chest dug open

The Shark Tooth Mini Dig Kit is really exactly as it suggests. A genuine fossilised shark tooth is hidden inside.

shark shaped plaster model with hidden shark tooth inside

My children have always been very impressed with the shark's teeth we've collected over the years, and we have a little pot full now. It's still exciting for them to find out what shape and size the tooth will be, and if it matches any of our others... This is a real beauty. Look at those serrated edges - it's still sharp!

Fossilised sharks tooth triangular and showing serrations around two edges

The third set we were sent is the Dino Poop Mini Dig Kit. Always a popular choice...

National Geographic Mini Dig Kit with poo shaped model containing fossil poo

This set contains a sample of Coprolite - fossilised dinosaur poo. Absolutely fascinating and it is of course rock hard, and usually still looks like a regular poo. What more does any Key Stage 2 child want in life?

Coprolite fossilised dinosaur poo about 4cm long and as you'd imagine

Each Mini Dig Kit can be completed in around an hour by most children, but you can always wet it to make it easier to scrape away using the enclosed tool. It does make a bit of mess unless they are very careful, so bear that in mind, but it's only plaster and will wipe away easily.

National Geographic Mini Dig Kits being used by children mess on table

The Mini Dig Kits are educational and there's a lot to learn, even for grown ups. Included are information leaflets which are concise and tell your child lots of facts about their treasure and fossils.

National Geographic Mini Dig Kits STEM information educational leaflet

I love STEM learning and I really like the Dig Kits and Mini Dig Kits. I think they're a great way to entertain your child for a couple of hours and they make excellent gifts. Also available are the Gemstone Mini Dig Kit and Fool's Gold Mini Dig Kit. Each priced £7.99rrp and available now from Museums and Toy Shops in store and online. Find out more about the entire range on the Bandai website

We've reviewed a lot of the Bandai and National Geographic STEM kits and you can find all of those STEM kit reviews here... 

We were sent our Bandai Mini Dig Kits for review as part of our role as Bandai STEM Ambassadors. 

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