Tuesday 6 August 2019

X-Gen VR Virtual Reality Centre Review, Stockport. (Guests to review)

X-Gen VR is a brand new Virtual Reality Centre which has opened in Stockport and excitingly they invited us down to have a look and a play on all of their new VR systems and games machines. We are all gamers, so it was a unanimous yes.

Unlike a lot of opportunities to play with VR, X-Gen VR allow children to join in from age 7, and have hundreds of available games, including absolutely masses which are age and ability-appropriate for any user. You can shoot aliens, race bikes, ride rollercoasters or take a canal trip to Amsterdam!

collage of photos from X-Gen VR Virtual Reality Centre Review

X-Gen VR is easy to find, at one of the entrances to the Merseyway Shopping Centre, opposite the WarHammer Game Shop. There is lots of parking nearby (the Merseyway Centre's own parking has a 6ft1in limit). Our GPS tried to send us in via the main entrance of the shopping centre - this one was much closer...

How to find X Gen VR in stockport

The staff at X-Gen VR are really friendly and instantly we all felt comfortable asking questions. We were shown around all of the different machines in the arcade area, and the 2 private side rooms. The whole set up is really clean and roomy, but still comfortable and warm.

the layout of part of X Gen Rv in stockport showing mechsuit and egg shaped machines

layout of X-Gen VR with gatling gun and bikes

The staff are clearly gamers. They're familiar with the games machines and the different games themselves. They'll suggest something you might like and want you to fill your time with games and experiences that you'll love.

x gen VR manager Lily with both guns in hand demonstrating 2 player shooting VR game

x gen VR my family listening intently to the instructions

In the Arcade there are 4 '2-player' machines and 2 single player, plus an additional machine which is there to entertain younger children (under 7) while you play. I think it's an excellent idea and there were loads of games to choose from.

X-Gen VR Machine for under 7s with real VR

Machine for under 7s big choice of games and real VR

Racing games benefit so much from VR, but sitting on a bike while you drive down roads at breakneck speed was too much for my 9 year old. My 10 year old came 3rd. I'd have completely guessed the opposite.

Two boys sitting on VR Bike Racing at X-Gen VR Review stockport

Apparently a few people take a few minutes to get into the swing of it, so can feel a bit weird at first. He was fine in the cars and mechsuit though! Much better than me. I never got the hang of the steering of the mechsuit at all...

Father and son sitting in VR car racing games

Each of the virtual reality gaming machines in the arcade has a big choice of games to suit any user. The Mech Suit has over 50 games including mysteries, adventures, rollercoasters and loads more.

X Gen VR Mech Suit being worn by 9 year old

Below we are on a rollercoaster ride. If you don't want to drive or shoot you can avoid it completely. Serious games, silly games, cartoons and canal boats, there genuinely is something for everyone.

X-Gen VR Review 2 people sitting in egg shaped seats experiencing a  rollercoaster ride

Although obviously some people are mainly here for the zombies...

two person shooter VR gaming at X-Gen VR Stockport men standing with guns and headsets

There is footage of me doing a sterling job with the gatling gun, and walking around sideways in the mechsuit, but honestly I almost enjoyed watching the rest of my family as much...

There are two ways to play at X-Gen VR. You either pay for 15, 30 or 60 minutes in the arcade area, or you can book one of the two Luxury VR Rooms for an hour. Great for families and small parties. They have plenty of space to play the games, plus a big comfy sofa at the far end for everyone to watch.

set up in private room at X-Gen VR with 2 headphones, hand controllers

X GEn VR Private VR Rooms game examples on screen

Private room at X Gen VR showing size roomy Virtual reality gaming

SuperHot VR Game at X-Gen VR Stockport

I let my 10yo try Superhot VR - he was very keen to play, it's a limited opportunity and I felt it would only make it even more exotic and attractive if I said no. We've got grown up children and we were gamers ourselves from before we were teenagers, so the issue of age suitability has come up many times.

My 9 year old was desperate to play Beat Saber - he was good at it too!

My youngest son playing Beat Saber VR game at X-Gen VR Stockport

We had an excellent time. We ended with everyone taking a turn to 'walk the plank', stepping out of a massive virtual skyscraper along a thin plank. It's harder than you'd think - and incredibly funny.

Walking the plank Virtual Reality experience game

We all felt we fit plenty into the hour and tried plenty of games, and had a great time. To play in the arcade is a real treat, those machines cost ££££s and it's an experience none of us will forget. The private rooms are perfect for groups and work out very reasonably priced indeed if there are 3 or 4 of you.

X-Gen VR costs from £9.99 per person for 15 minutes in the Arcade. 30 minutes costs £17.99 and an hour is £29.99. Renting a Luxury VR Room for up to 4 people costs £29.99 per hour. Find out more on the X-Gen VR Virtual Reality Centre website and follow them on social media for special offers.

We always play the games our children want to play and take into account the individual child before making a decision. If we are not happy for a child to play a game, we don't allow them to watch either. 

Our visit to X Gen VR was complimentary for review. 

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