Monday 19 August 2019

Rubik's Summer Scrambles Games Review (Age 8+) Sent by John Adams

This Summer Rubik's have a whole new 'Summer Scrambles' assortment of toys, games and fidgets to play with and they've sent us a big bundle to look at. Rubik's are small, portable toys which are great for taking away with you on holiday or visiting relatives, and they are perfect for entertaining your children on long journeys.

Grouping of all 6 items in the Rubiks Summer Scramble new releases

We've been sent Rubik’s Cage, Rubik’s Edge, Rubik’s Orbit, Rubik’s Block, Rubik’s Match and Rubik’s 3x3. The variety is massive and we are long-time fans of Rubik's Cube here, my partner can even complete one in 26 moves (or something), so he was one of the first to want to dip into this lot.

Rubik's Classic Original 3x3 Cube boxed

Rubik’s 3x3 - the classic cube that we all know. So much better than cheap imitations, and I have actually managed to complete it a couple of times, but don't ask me to do it unless you've got about 4 hours while I figure it out.

The classic Original Rubik's Cube Puzzle completed

I've got a little room for improvement, the current record (held by Yusheng Du) stands at 3.47 seconds *gulp*. RRP £10 - there is also an environmentally packaged version which is cheaper - nice one Rubik's.

Rubik's Cage Review pack shot showing a cube of coloured blocks 3 x 3 x 3 in a black plastic cage

Rubik’s Cage - This is really neat and we really like this one. A turn-taking game for 2 to 4 players, where you just have to get a row of 3. I say 'just', it's actually really hard to keep tabs on all of the possibilities.

Rubik's Cage with several blocks inserted and several spaces, shows gameplay in progress

Each turn you can drop a coloured cube into the cage, or you can twist one of the layers of the cube. Or you can even turn the whole thing upside down and alter everything...It's great fun to play. RRP £20

Rubik's Match Card Game pack shot small box with pack of cards

Rubik’s Match - a Rubik's Card Game for 1 to 4 players. It seems simple, just match what you see on the card, but it can be so hard!

Family playing Rubik's Match card game at coffee table

Cards have to overlap and sometimes you see how to do it instantly, other times you are just bemused for ages... Genuinely lots of fun, but a bit frustrating for younger players when they can't see the solution. RRP £TBC (Available soon!).

Rubik's Edge pack shot with view of single layer Rubik's cube inside

Rubik’s Edge - A single layer of a classic 3x3 Rubik's which should be really easy to complete, right? It's harder than it looks, although I think definitely a lot easier than a whole cube. This is a brilliant fidget because it's very small, silent and you can make some great shapes with it.

Collage showing 4 different shapes possible with Rubik's Edge - actually a really interesting toy for people with reduced vision

From a 'flat' single layer you'd never realise you could do so much, it's really impressive. RRP £7.99

Rubik's Orbit pack shot showing round ball shaped rubik cube with coloured sections

Rubik’s Orbit - This is a round 2x2 Rubik's Cube which should be really easy, but the colours are on the inside rather than the outside. It's quite disorientating, takes a bit of getting used to and we've found it really difficult.

Rubik's Orbit 2 x 2 puzzle in action showing how it turns and twists

No-one here has even slightly managed to complete this yet. It's really beaten us and I can forsee a visit to the Rubik's website solution guide in the near future... RRP £10.99

Rubik's Blocks cube with differently sized blocks making up each face

Rubik’s Blocks - This has to be our favourite. It looks so amazing, you have to pick it up and try it. Beautiful as it is, this one has me beaten too, but my partner has it pretty much worked out.

Rubik's Blocks puzzle in action how it turns with different sized blocks

Different sizes mean that as soon as you twist the cube, you no longer have a regular cube and you have to try to ignore the shapes and concentrate on the colours. Another one for those who like a good challenge - and it's a great talking point. Everyone is interested when they see it... RRP £12.99.

John Adams have offered a Rubik’s Cage and a Rubik’s Edge for one of my readers. The Rubik's giveaway is here and will run until Sunday 15th September!

Rubik's Edge and Rubik's Cage Giveaway Prize

All of the Rubik's range, including the new releases in the Summer Scrambles campaign, are available to buy from toy and games stockists, including from John Lewis, Toymaster, the Rubik's UK Amazon Shop (aff*) and the Rubik's UK website, where you can also find step-by-step solutions to all of the Rubik's puzzles!

We were sent our bundle for review. Amazon links are *affiliate, which means I earn a few pennies if you buy through my link as a thank you, but you never pay a penny extra. 


  1. I want them all, lol. I think I'm going to get an Orb for my brother for Christmas, see how smug he feels then :)


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