Wednesday 14 August 2019

20 Second Showdown Party Game Review Age 10+ (Sent by Big Potato Games).

We really are huge fans of Big Potato Games and it's rare we find any of their games we don't like. I wasn't sure if 20 Second Showdown would be my thing, but they sent us a copy for review and it is brilliant! Active, but not too active. Silly, but not too silly. Fiercely competitive and frantic at times? Ohhh yes...

20 Second Showdown Game Review box photo

We were sent a whole box of treats and goodies to make an evening of it and 20 Second Showdown is suitable for 5 players or more, so we even invited a friend over for the first play through. As with all Big Potato Games, the rules are simple to understand, but it's once you start playing that you can really get into the swing of it.

20 Second Showdown in box with sweets crisps stickers

Inside the game box is the all-important and very modern 'Massive Timer Of Destiny', as well as 2 batons, 2 Help! Cards and probably a couple of hundred double-sided Challenge Cards.

20 Second Showdown Massive Timer Clear so we can see tiny transparent beads passing from one end to the other

Turn the timer until it has around the same no. of beads in each half and lie it on the table. Split into 2 teams, with one extra player as referee. Hand the baton to the chosen one from each team - only when you have the baton can you shout out or perform an answer.

The referee reads out the card -  first to answer turns the timer over so that their team's coloured end starts to fill up. The referee is mighty overlord and always decides who wins any arguments or close calls.

20 Second Showdown Game Review example cards white side

Pass the baton to the next person in the team and the referee reads out the next card. Be as quick as you can because as soon as your end of the timer is empty, your team loses!

The Challenge Cards are double-sided, with a black side and a white side. This is because it looks really cool, and also so that you can alternate and avoid repeating cards match after match. There's an urban myth in our house that the black side is harder.

20 Second Showdown family Game Review example cards black

Each team has a Help Card just in case they get completely stuck, which they can use once per round. We've forgotten to use these every time. It can be quite manic.

20 Second Showdown Game Review help cards

When you are in full flow the challenges and answers come thick and fast. You need the referee because it can be impossible to see who completes a challenge first when you are laughing that much. The ref also ensures both teams know the challenge at exactly the same time.

man pulling face and boy guessing his actions

We have really enjoyed 20 Second Showdown and it's been out several times since it arrived. Instant to play, quick and always good for a laugh, it's a brilliant 'warm up' game to start off games night and everyone can join in. Recommended for age 10+ and our 9 year old holds his own. It may be a bit quick to follow and frustrating for children any younger.

20 Second Showdown Game Review card challenge example dad 'pausing' his teammates

20 Second Showdown is made by Big Potato Games, suitable for anyone aged around 10+ and available to buy now from all good games stockists, including online at Amazon, rrp £25. Well worth it in our opinion. Here's an affiliate link...

We were sent our copy of 20 Second Showdown for review, Amazon links are affiliate because one day someone might buy something through one, and I might earn a few pence commission. Unlikely as that crazy scenario is, I shall persist.... You never pay a penny extra...


  1. This sounds like a really fun family game. I think I will have to look out for this one x

    1. It is a real crowd-pleaser - they've done a really great job of coming up with the challenges :)


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