Thursday 29 August 2019

Dice Academy Family Game Review (Age 8+) Sent by Asmodee

This month for the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club we've been sent a great family dice game for 2-6 players. Portable, easy to learn and fun to play, Dice Academy is all about thinking and acting fast, knowledge isn't always an advantage.

Dice Academy Family Game box with title and images of cartoon people shouting random answers

Dice Academy is housed in a very small and sturdy box with a magnetic closure. It arrives shrink-wrapped and inside has a plastic insert to keep your 10 special dice safe between play, but everything is kept neat and small. The only game components are the dice, which are all different.

Dice Academy Family Game box contents 10 differently coloured and decorated dice and instruction leaflet

There are 5 colours of dice, and for each colour there is a Letter Dice and a Theme Dice. Players take turns to roll the 5 Theme Dice and identify all of the themes shown, then roll the Letter Dice. There are 30 different themes, so it takes a while before you don't need to refer to the Instruction Leaflet.

Dice Academy Family Game section of instructions showing dice side themes

All players then must think of an item which matches one of the themes shown and also begins with one of the letters rolled. They shout out their answer aloud and take the pair of dice they've 'used up' from the table.

Playing Dice Academy by Blue Orange Family Games hand on table with several different dice

There is a catch - the colours of the two dice must not match.

If a player is wrong, spells an answer wrong or the 2 dice colours match, they have to sit out until the next round.

The round continues until no more matches are possible.

The aim of the game is simply to score more correct answers than the other players.

Dice Academy is a really quick game. If you decide first player to score 10 points is the winner, it can all be over in 10 minutes. As soon as the Letter Dice are thrown, it's a frantic couple of minutes as everyone attempts to win them.

Dice Academy Scoring written really messily on a paper pad with dice alongside

We find we tend to repeat the 'first to 10' rather than setting a higher winning score as our 9 and 11 year olds much prefer the smaller goals, or if we aren't sure how long we are likely to play for, we just tot it up and see who scored the most. I love being able to adapt length of play for a game.

How to play Dice Academy showing pairs and hands and loose dice on table

Dice Academy is a great game for multi-generational play and it wakes everyone up. It's so small that it's perfect for taking travelling or visiting, and it can be hilarious because people really do think of the most random answers! You don't need a lot of space to play and it'll last you almost forever.

We really like Dice Academy and have played it a lot over the Summer holidays. It's recommended for age 8+ and we agree - our 9 year old has no problem holding his own against any of us.

Dice Academy is made by Blue orange Games and distributed by Asmodee. Suitable for 2-6 players and available to buy now around £11-£12 - which is a really good price and makes it a great gift. Amazon affiliate link below:

We were sent our copy of Dice Academy for review by Asmodee, for the Blogger Board Game Club. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence thank you if you order through my link, but you never pay any more. 

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