Monday 14 October 2019

Tough Phone Case and Personalised Bluetooth Speaker Review. Sent by My Personalised Case

My Personalised Case make phone cases for a huge range of phones, including the new iPhones, and they can be customised to include your own images and text. They also sell other cases and personalised Bluetooth Speakers and Powerbanks, at very reasonable prices. They have sent me a Tough Phone Case and Personalised Bluetooth Speaker for review.

Personalised Tough Phone Case and Personalised Bluetooth Speaker plus company logo

The website is very simple to use and within a couple of minutes I'd uploaded my chosen image. Be careful which image you choose - annoyingly mine didn't work as a full cover photo because the camera obscures my children's faces! Thankfully there are several layouts to choose from.

Personalised Cases REview choosing layout and photo size

You can also add text and other effects including stickers and filters. It's easy to undo your last move and very quick.

I also chose a Bluetooth Speaker. My kids have them and they're so handy! I like music for my day, but it never sounds great with the speakers on my laptop or phone. I knew I had the perfect photo for this. Something which amused me outside the Babywearing Disco at Just So Festival.

Personalised Bluetooth speaker ordering with photo and text options

My order arrived within a few days, I received an email to say it was on the way and it was tracked. Packaging is minimal and effective. My order was in a small cardboard box and the phone case inside in a static-reducing bag.

My phone gets a lot of use and I've dropped it more times than I could ever count. I need my phone, so I need a good protective case. The Tough Phone Case is in 2 parts. A rubber inner with a plastic hard case.

Personalised tough phone case review plastic with rubber lining

The back is obviously important too! Here is my image, and I'm pleased with both the colour and resolution. The printing is very good. It was easy to put onto my phone and within a week I've dropped it a few times, including down the stairs - good so far!

Personalised caes review photo phone case Galaxy S8

Personalised phone case review close up printing image

I wasn't sure how clear the printing would be on the Bluetooth Speaker, or even if you'd see it well, but it's great! The speaker is really simple to use, attached to my phone instantly and didn't take any setting up at all. Perfect for us oldies.

You're supplied with a charging cable, instructions and a spare plain cover. The speaker is really cute and looks just like a camera lens. It's small and light enough to carry in a coat pocket, and shouldn't get damaged in your bag.

My only personal gripe is I can't find a way to turn off the LED's. Sometimes we want disco lights, but sometimes it's a bit invasive and you have to hide it behind something.
Charging is really quick, sound is good and it's not dropped out or lost connection for me yet, so I'm very pleased with my speaker overall.

My Personalised Tough Phone Case has already had that unexpected trip down the stairs, as well as a couple of other drops, and the print is still pinsharp after being in my pocket and hands for a week. I'm very happy with my order so far.

I'll have a voucher giveaway with My Personalised Case among my Christmas Present Giveaways which run through November. You can find all of my current UK giveaways here...

My Personalised Tough Phone Case cost £18.99 and the Personalised Bluetooth Speaker is £29.95. Very fair prices and I'm pleased with the quality and execution of the end result. You can find out more and order yourself on the My Personalised Case website.

I was sent my order by MyPersonalisedCase.Co.UK for review.

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  1. I am loving the speaker! I love personalised gifts, however it just always seems to be so time consuming arranging it all. The My Personal Case process looks so easy, will definitely be giving this a try for Christmas! Sim x


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