Thursday 12 September 2013

Because you can never have too much Lipsalve....

My oldest is 19, and I know there are a million little daft things he did that made me laugh and smile for months on end, but they aren't etched into your brain in the same way as the 'IMPORTANT' events.

Today my youngest did something exactly as his brother used to do all of the time, but I'd forgotten until I saw him do I filmed it before it disappears...and now, even if I lose the video, I'll never forget it....


  1. Hehe that's so cute! And you have a 19 year old? Wow! Hope you're home and all relaxed now!

    1. Home, relaxed, worried about what the hospital will say tomorrow, but all good. It was lovely to meet you yesterday, it really was :) x
      (Yes, I DO have a 19 year old - I'm really old :D)


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