Friday, 13 September 2013

When is a sprained knee not a sprained knee? Friday 13th...

 When is a sprained knee not a sprained knee? When it's a broken bone.

You may or may not have seen this post last month, where I vaguely described 'jumping' from the back of the Great Stone Of Fourstones and how I'd injured my knee. Well actually it's been agony. I'd rather have given birth a few times than had the pain and lack of sleep I've had the last 3 1/2 weeks.

I didn't complain, because you don't, you just get on with it and I did feel a bit stupid and responsible for my own injury, but I was concerned when I realised I was getting poor circulation in my leg at times and my 'sprain' wasn't really getting better as quickly as anyone expected it to. I still can't bend my leg enough to walk up steps like a grown up, and it's waking me in the night hurting.

I went to A&E at the time, then to my Doctor after a week for a check up, and I was comtemplating returning to my Doctor to see if everything is okay when yesterday I got a letter from the hospital asking me to go back.

A Senior Consultant had looked at my x-rays and my 'sprained knee' was in doubt due to a little shadow on the x ray. After more x rays today I've had it confirmed that I have in fact chipped a slice off the top of one of the lower bones, and it's sitting right inside my knee joint.

All that pain and quiet suffering - and actually I could (and probably should) have been taking it very easy and getting everyone to run around after me for once....

Fracture clinic Monday...and Physiotherapy - and keep your fingers crossed that I'm not unlucky enough to need the piece of bone removed surgically....

I'd like Autumn to be quiet and uneventful please - if anyone can arrange that, it'd be great....and if you're going to the Tots 100 Blog Summit tomorrow - I'm the one with a limp!


  1. Not only limping! And you are the cuties in the room!

  2. Oh Jen, this completely sucks. Hope that it improves without the need for surgery. That really would be rubbish!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Angela - I have to admit I'm very nervous about what they're going to say tomorrow! x

  4. Ouch! hope it goes ok tomorrow x

  5. Hope everything goes OK tomorrow invalid! Can't believe you have been walking around on it for so long not knowing xx

    1. I arrived home to a letter from the hospital dated 2nd September - it sems they really did try to contact me earlier- they could have blinking rung me though! Cheers for the wishes for tomorrow :) xx


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