Tuesday 5 November 2013

A Week Of Tests...

I last saw a Doctor about my leg on 26th September, when I was told the break was healing nicely, but the fact my knee was swollen and tender wasn't good, so I've been waiting all this time for an MRI scan. My scan date is now tomorrow and I am incredibly nervous. I've only ever seen them on the TV, and it all seems a bit scary on House!

I know I won't find anything out straightaway, but I do feel as though I've been in limbo for the past month and it'll be so nice to 'unpause it' as my younger children say...

It's now 17 weeks since my partner developed Meningitis, and last week I finally managed to convince him to go to the Doctor and talk about his ongoing leg and arm pain. The Doctor didn't have many answers but a quick examination and he was a little concerned about the level of sensation my partner has in places in his legs. We have no idea if this is to do with the Meningitis, but all of the symptoms started with the onset of Meningitis, so it's either the cause or the catalyst.

The Doctor has little experience of Meningitis, this is something we've found everywhere, no-one ever seems to know what happens afterwards. He sent my partner off to the Hospital for a range of blood tests and we should get the results from all of those on Friday. He's also going to do some probing on my partner's legs and see how extensive the loss of sensation is.

It's kind of a nervous week, but there is a real sensation that an impasse we've been tolerating for the past few weeks has broken and we're at least going somewhere...

I'm not sure if this is reflected in what my partner did tonight....

There was a lot of this...

 And this....

 And then when we got home, while I cooked scotch pancakes to warm everyone up, he did this....

  He hasn't cut his hair since we found out I was pregnant in February 2008....and sickeningly, under all that hair he hasn't aged a bit....

He's going to really feel it doing that in November though! I think bobble hat might have to be on his Christmas list....


  1. He is brave shaving all his hair off this time of year! and I hope that your MRI goes ok. Fingers crossed you are on the good road to Christmas

  2. I hope all the tests go well! Loving the new hair do :-)

  3. I had an MRI scan on my brain a few weeks ago (they found it!) and previously on my spine so your leg one should be a breeze. The nurses are always lovely and reassuring, the worst bit is honestly the stupid hospital gown!

    Good luck to you both :)

    1. Thank you - and I'm glad they found it!! I went entirely metal free and they let me keep on all of my clothes thankfully! And you're right - it was a breeze.... hope your brain is okay :)

  4. Hope the test went well, and wow he is brave to shave his hair off especially as the weather is turning colder.

  5. I hope the tests went well!!
    Ohh fab haircut! So brave x

    1. Thanks Kim - mine was okay at least :D
      He's not brave, he's cold! :D x

  6. Was just thinking wow - he will need a hat!! I really hope that you guys are turning a corner Jenny - you all deserve it


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