Wednesday 13 November 2013

Christmas Gifts for Younger Children age 3+

We're very lucky and have reviewed some amazing things this past year, and I've picked out some of my favourites that make excellent Christmas gifts. These are for children aged around 3-6 and beyond.

My favourite book of the past year has to be Sunshine and Snowballs. It's incredibly beautiful and full of happy children playing. Currently £5.99

 Our favourite Orchard Toys puzzle was Who's In Space, and our game of the year is an easy choice, which is surprising because we play them a lot, but it's the newest one and it just grabbed everyone's enthusiasm. Christmas Surprises delights even our 15 year olds! Currently £9.50 and exclusive to Tesco.

The Brio Clever Crane is a really surprisingly popular toy. I never realised just how much play could centre around one toy. Designed as an add-on to the train sets, it's just as good when it's being 'a toy car'. Currently around £9.99

Hobbycraft aren't just for retired ladies who want to spend hours doing needlepoint or decoupage - it has a massive range of activities and crafts for children, and we tried the Mister Maker Alien Puppet Theatre. Currently £12.

Haba's Zap Tack is something I've not seen since my brother was little - children banging nails in with hammers! It's great, my 2 love it. Brilliant for problem-solving, manual dexterity and creativity. Currently £13.60

Michael has proven to be one of our most popular friends ever. He goes to bed with my 3 year old still every night (he might be getting a new outfit for Christmas). He's more expensive than your standard doll, but really beautiful and no-one's ever questioned my son for having him. Currently £25

For a very different sort of book we reviewed the Leapreader from Leapfrog and found it to be a real surprise. I'd expected gimmicky and what we got was interesting, genuinely educational and great fun. Currently around £32.

We were challenged to try out a tablet for under £50 and what we got is still every bit as good today as it was when we got it. Not as sensitive as a touchscreen phone, nor as quick, but considerably cheaper and plenty fast enough for my boys to play Lego apps and watch You Tube videos of drivel. Currently under £40!

Personalised gifts are a lovely touch and so easy to order now, the websites are quick to upload and generally will help you resize or make any adaptation you might need. 

Personalised drinks bottles and books from  It's Your Story are really lovely and put your child right into the picture. The prices are really good (currently £14 for the bottle and around £12.50 for books).

Tiny Me have a massive range of personalised items and we reviewed the Trucks And Diggers Wall Stickers. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of these, they really are beautifully executed. Currently £20

The Miioon Ruckjack Jacket Rucksack is a more expensive gift, but it's something that's really useful and it's an excellent quality coat that's truly waterproof, so it pleases the parents as much as the child. It also means you don't end up carrying everyone's coat when it's warmer Because your child chooses the colour and lining they really make it their coat...currently £38.49 with 3 Moshi Monster zip pulls - gift vouchers with a code to make a coat are available at ASDA.

Of course if you can't find anything there.....there's always Lego!! 

Prices on this page are as found when I checked at the time of typing. Prices on blog review pages may well be old! I was given the items originally, but I've not been paid for any of these links, they're what we liked best.


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