Saturday 16 November 2013

Christmas Gifts For Adults

Although my blog is mainly about my huge brood of children, occasionally I get to play with or enjoy something special. Here are a few of my favourite gift reviews from the past year....

Ozeri sell loads of functional items that are also beautiful to look at. I've been lucky enough to review a handful of their things now and while a frying pan may not make an excellent gift, their double-walled thermo glasses are gorgeous. We reviewed 2 sets, so hot toddy's will be no problem in my house this year... sell gorgeous flowers that keep for a good 10 days and received a gorgeous bouquet when I broke my leg. This year they're also selling hampers, which can be delivered anywhere in the UK on a day of your choice. Prices for flowers start at £11.99 and hampers start at £19.99

You can hardly mention flowers without moving on to candles. These candles from Potters Crouch  are very beautiful and the scents are amazing.Candles cost £8.50 each and burn for 50 hours.

Personalised gifts can be brilliant for capturing those funny or important moments from your year and there's such a huge array nowadays that you can pretty much get your own photo's printed on anything.

I love beautiful kitchen equipment and one of my very favourites is my Pyrex Slow Cooker. Slow cookers can save you hours in the kitchen and are generally not a cheap item, so receiving one as a gift is actually a really nice thing. If you do buy kitchen equipment always buy something else too - or you might give the impression you want your other half in the kitchen cooking all the time!

Arthur Price have all kinds of interesting and classic gifts. We reviewed their Remember range for Remembrance Day this year and I'm incredibly impressed with their automatic umbrella. The quality is excellent and it's very pretty.

I always appreciate home made gifts and encourage my children to spend time making things for their Grandparents for Christmas. I'm not incredibly crafty, so I prefer to make edible gifts. In previous years we've made Fudge and Peppermints and recently I gave a Chocolate Cheesecake to the very lovely lady who has been picking my son up from school while my leg has been broken.

 Of course if none of those ideas suit you, there's always big kid Lego....

I wasn't paid to review any of these things or add any of these links. They're just items I liked from the last year.


  1. Lovely ideas, and I think homemade gifts should be given more often

    1. Thanks Angela, and I agree about the home made gifts :)

  2. Some lovely ideas. I love getting flowers (not that it happens very often!) and you are never too old for 'big kid' gifts ;-)

  3. Big kid Lego!!!! That'll be one for my godson this year, I reckon!


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