Sunday 12 July 2015

Graze 'Good To Go' Instore Snack Range

Fresh on the shelves from today is a brand new range of 12 'To Go' snack packs from the incredibly well-known healthier snack favourites Graze. We had a real treat a week ago because we were sent the whole range to review before the public release.

Graze 'Good To Go' instore Snack Range Review

There are 5 savoury snack packs and 7 sweeter snacks. Care and effort has gone into the recipes to make sure they have nutritional benefits as well as being really tasty.

The savoury snacks include Veggie Protein Power (7g Protein) and Punchy Protein Nuts (8g Protein), Smokehouse Barbeque Crunch and Herby Bread Basket (only 90 calories), plus the favourite savoury snack here - Thai Sweet Chilli Dippers (only 83 calories).

Graze 'Good To Go' instore Savoury Snack Range

The sweeter snacks include such deliciously titled packs as Salted Fudge And Peanut Cookie (with an astounding 7g Protein), Chocolate Pretzel Dippers and Lemon Drizzle Flapjack. There's the slightly more sensible Original Fruity Flapjack, Mini Strawberry & Banana and Juicy Peach & Raspberry, and the one which proved ultimate favourite with everyone here - Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart (omg this is gorgeous!).

Graze 'Good To Go' instore sweet Snack Range

The whole range is designed to sit on the shelf instore, with an easy to open plastic seal and although they're individually packaged, the card is recycled and packaging is kept to a minimum. They don't reclose, you would have to eat an entire pack in one go, but we all agreed that probably would never be an issue!

Graze healthy snack packs in shops now

Although the whole range contains entirely vegetarian ingredients as far as we could see, there is a small warning on the box about the possibility of fish as they're packed in the same place. This annoys me because we have 4 veggies, and with snacks such as Veggie Protein Power being such an awesome thing, I'd like them sort this out and label as suitable for vegetarians, plus safe for people with a fish allergy - I don't think it would be incredibly hard to organise.

Every one of the new Graze Good To Go Snacks was frankly, delicious. There were 5 of us trying them while we played board games, and it really made the evening special. Most were gone in seconds, and there wasn't anything left to throw away. I would definitely buy these again, especially when I'm out and about - they're much more filling and fun than a bag of crisps or chocolate bar, and far more healthy.

 Healthy snacks with protein and fruit

The Graze Good To Go Range has a retail price of 99p - £1.49 and will be perfect for picnics, days out, travelling and general snacking. Available from Boots, WH Smith, Sainsbury's and independent retailers.


  1. These look fantastic and great for snacks on the go. Some interesting and different choices but they all sound yummy.

    1. They're reallyinteresting - and allreallytasty.It's a rare day youalllike everything. Even the wimpy 15 year oldliked the Chilli Jam :D

  2. I do like Graze snacks so to be able to buy individual pots in the supermarket will be great.

    1. I agree. I've not tried Graze before, but I'm a complete convert. I'd rather have one of these than a chocolate bar any day :)

  3. What a great idea! I do like the snacks in Graze boxes but think they are a little expensive. I would definitely pick up a little snack box whilst out and about.

    1. I agree they're a little more than I'd buy usually, but I keep imagining how ace they'll be for train trips and journeys :)


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