Wednesday 22 July 2015

We're going to the Just So Festival!

We're keeping busy this Summer and one of our busiest weekends will be the Just So Festival on 21st-23rd August near Congleton in Cheshire. An invitation to come and camp and join in the fun really was the email that made my week.

The Just SoFEstival, Congleton, Near Leek,Cheshire

We'll be taking 3 of our children to Just So Festival - our 5 and 6 year old boys, and our 15 year old girl. None of us have been before, so we're really intrigued as to what will be there and how it will be laid out. The boys haven't had much experience of festivals, and probably none that they can really remember, but my daughter is a pro - she thoroughly tested the kid's fields at her first Glastonbury at 2 years old, and has been to a ton of other UK festivals too.

Children love child-friendly festivals and music
Hopefully my daughter won't want a shoulder ride this year!

Just So is designed and planned with children under 12 in mind, so everything is family friendly and there are even special areas and events specifically for babies, and for children under 4. The show limits visitors to a strict 5000, keeping the areas smaller yet less crowded makes it much less daunting for our small people, and for the grown ups it's far easier to keep sight of your children.

The Just So Festival is brilliant for crafty children

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this. The video below is from last year, and it gives you a good idea of why....

There are still a few tickets left (or were when I looked), so if you have little ones and fancy a very gentle and peaceful introduction to festivals, where you won't be kept up all night listening to someone's throbbing base 1/2 mile away, and your children won't get caught up in a huge crowd of people who don't have children themselves and haven't learnt to be careful, give it some consideration...

All we have to do now is read through the Just So Festival programme to find out about everything that'll be happening over the festival, and remember exactly what essentials we need to take to a festival with kids...(I'm sure there'll be a blog post or two with some advice somewhere)....the truck is however all ready and waiting!

Trucks are  essentials for children at festivals

I'll be sharing photo's on my Instagram and Twitter throughout the weekend and you can follow all of the latest information beforehand by following Just So Festival on Facebook, or visiting their website.

We will be attending the Just So Festival as guests. 


  1. look fab! cant wait to see your photos!

  2. Cheers Eileen! I should get some amazing pictures, it all looks so gorgeous :)


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