Wednesday 29 July 2015

LEGO DC Comics SuperHeroes Jokerland Review set 76035

The LEGO DC Super Heroes Jokerland set is one of the most playable sets we've ever owned. Tons of fun to build, and as each part does so much the level of interest from my kids as we built was immense. It's the first ever time I've had to send them out of the room because they drove me bats! I couldn't build it quicker than they were taking it away to play with it....

Jokerland is a set recommended for age 8+ set with 1037 pieces which go together to form the Batmobile and all of the renamed fairground attractions. There are 8 fabulous minifigures in this set with lovely accessories.

For the SuperHeroes we have Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire and Batman...

For the bad guys we have The Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and The Penguin....

Inside the box everything is split into single bags numbered 1-8, plus a big instruction booklet, a little comic and 1 loose slide piece...

There are two sheets of great stickers, including a mirrored sheet for the Jokerland Hall Of Mirrors.

The numbered bags are quite clearly separate items for the Jokerland Theme Park, and this is partly why my 5 and 6 year old assistants got terribly excited. They were there to help, but as soon as we'd built something they wanted to play with it! The over-excitement led to a few spills, the evidence from which you'll probably spot - I think every single piece of this build was rescued from under the sofa at least twice....grrrr....

Bag 1 has The Joker, Batman, Dynamite Penguin and the Clown Robot with his Shoot-O-Matic Cannon, as well as the Toxic Dunk Tank.

Bags 2 and 3 are the Batmobile. This is a really neat version, which is a really strong model and still maintains all of the elegant shaping of the larger LEGO Batmobiles. It definitely isn't an afterthought, this is a lovely vehicle.

My 6 year old built the Batmobile once I'd put together the chassis, and no photos because I was probably making tea or something. It's a really sleek and sexy Batmobile this one...

The Batmobile has 2 weapons at each end. 2 notched missiles at the front (in black), and the really effective new stud shooters at the back.

Bag 4 makes Harley Quinn's Wheels Of Fire. Robin is trapped, handcuffed underneath the bike, while Harley is up top with her giant mallet, and the whole thing works really well. The bike release is really easy to use and effective (see the 1 minute video at the bottom of the post).

It's not incredibly stable unfortunately, this is the part of the set you can't carry around - although my lads seemed to pick it up and destroy it about once every 23 minutes....

Bag 5 is Poison Ivy's Carnivore Fall. A great 3 seater ride which also works incredibly well, dropping the riders (including another handcuffed victim) to their doom in the carnivorous plants below.

The Carnivore Fall is more stable than you'd expect, my lads played with it for ages and didn't manage to reduce it to component parts. The release system works well and is very simple again.

Bag 6 is The Penguin's Deadly Duckies. This is an awesome ride, with immediately recogniseable ducks bearing dynamite, and a simple but again effective turning system which actually holds very well against the weight of the duck seats themselves.

The sharks in the water at the botom are a lovely touch....

Bags 7 and 8 make up the main Jokerland attraction. A hall of mirrors below a death slide into the Toxic Tank, all housed inside a giant Joker Face. It's beautifully done, and even more impressive when you account for the built-in moveable parts - a wobbly hat and googly eyes....


All together the LEGO Jokerland set 76035 is a huge playset, which can be played with by children 5+, even though it's probably too awkward and unstable in parts for them to build alone.

There's so much movement in this set, the boys have made you a 1 minute video. ..

LEGO DC SuperHeroes Jokerland set 76035 is a really great set. It has absolutely masses of playability - whatever your age. It's a lovely looking set for the shelf which will never get dusty because it'll be fiddled with by everyone who passes. It's a truly interesting build with some really detailed touches.

Jokerland retails at £89.99, and that has to be a good price. It's a lovely set for your money which will delight everyone.  Don't try and build it with 2 small boys, build it when they're in bed and play with it before you hand it over next morning, it'll save your sanity.

Before I finish, my 2 colourblind boys did struggle with the 'lights' on this set, and I had to correct their error because neither of them could see it - but in two different ways.

My 6 year old sees green, yellow, green, yellow, green, yellow...
My 5 year old sees all green....

The product was provided by LEGO GmbH without any obligation in regards to the content of the review. In plain  English - LEGO actually want to know if we think it sucks or is awesome, and why! 


  1. Wow, I love that Batmobile and the dynamite carrying ducks would go down well with Monkey. Looks like a great Christmas present set.

    1. Yes definitely.It really will make an excellent Christmas main gift - you can build and play with this allthrough Christmas and New Year :)

  2. This set looks awesome! I love the little batman characters and I really can't wait for LP and Little Man to be a bit bigger so I have an excuse to buy stuff like this! x

    1. It is very awesome! I love the characters and so does my youngest. He always builds them first of all :D x

  3. Wow this is an epic set! Definitely one my 'boys' would enjoy building together! Great that your son's could help, even if they did get a bit excitable!

    1. They drove me bats!!! Neither of them could keep their hands off it.Never has a set taken so long to build :D

  4. Great sets , we love our super heros


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