Monday 20 July 2015

LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 set 10248 review

On 15th July the LEGO Creator Ferrari F40 set 10248 became available to VIPs and my partner's order arrived on Saturday morning. He's been looking forward to this large scale expert level model since he first saw it, and really has not been disappointed at all with the build, the size, complexity or design.

LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 set 10248 review

Recommended for builders aged 14+ the LEGO Ferrari F40 has an amazing 1158 elements, making a model 14cm x 27cm. This gives you an idea of just how dense this model is going to be, even with a higher percentage of smaller pieces. At £69.99 and with Ferrari branding and gorgeous design, this model (just like the 3 Speed Champions Hybrid Supercars) represents an excellent value LEGO set.

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 review Creator Expert

Inside the box we have only 8 bags - 4 large and 4 small, and they are only numbered 1 and 2. We can't find any significance to the different style of numbering on the bags - so possibly these are just a new design we've not seen before. Having only 2 numbers increases the difficulty of the build, as almost 600 (mostly small) pieces laid on the table at one time is quite a lot to sift through.

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 bags stickers and booklet

Instantly it's clear that this is a really quite intricate expert build, as expected really. What we weren't expecting was just how much complexity there is to create the detailing on the outside panels of the car.

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 build photos

The interior dash is itself comprised of several parts,and even the 'string' door handle is recreated. The larger sized model allows for really nice wing mirrors too..

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 interior dashboard

This is the first time we have ever come across a LEGO build which has pieces included specifically for balance and strength while you build, but which are taken away later. See the 2 green feet underneath the back of the model to enable you to build the rear vented screen.

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 build supports

It's not only the panels with amazing detailing. This really is a beautiful model, with lots of lovely touches. The shaping is gorgeous and the Ferrari has pop up lights that work really well.

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 exterior panel detail
LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 front bonnet ferrari badge

The Ferrari F40 has an opening bonnet with not quite enough space for even a low profile spare. It's very close though, and some of the detail is amazing when you compare photos of the actual bonnet space and the LEGO model.

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 overhead under bonnet

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 side view

All of the air intakes and vents are built into the design wherever possible and stickers have been avoided, and it's made for some really clever thinking on the part of the designers. I think they must have been really annoyed that 2 of the vents had to be stickers in order to create the removeable sections of the finished vehicle.

Removeable back end LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248

The engine is beautiful. The only things missing from the original car simply wouldn't fit, and the way the car slides apart for engine work is very true to the original. It's a lovely touch and works incredibly well.

Engine block LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248

This is a really heavy brick of a model. The design of the 'firewall' in the centre of the vehicle gives massive internal strength to the structure, and it's clear to see from underneath that the designers meant business.

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 underside underneath

Our 6 year old wanted to know right from the outset "will the Technic men fit in the Ferrari?". Well, he might make a great mechanic....

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 mechanic under engine lid

 But he's clearly slightly short compared to the size of the vehicle, but too big to fit in the seat...

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 with Technic figure

 This is LEGO though, right. And we can make anything happen...

LEGO Ferrari F40 set 10248 driven by Technic figure review

Technic man driving Ferrari F40 LEGO

The LEGO Ferrari F40 model 10248 is available now to VIP's and from 1st August to anyone online at and in LEGO Stores. In our opinion this is an excellent value LEGO set which is a really interesting build with some lovely techniques. It's a gorgeous model with plenty of moving parts to please the kid in you, or beside you...

We bought this one ourselves.


  1. This looks super awesome! Love how far LEGO have come with their designs!! Broom Broom!! ;) Sim x

    1. It is very awesome. My partner is delghted with it - it's on display with the rest of his LEGO cars :D

  2. That does look like a proper grown up LEGO set - my OH would love it!

    1. My OH had been saving his pennies for ages for it ;D

  3. I am in love, I knew I would be! Pennies to be saved up.

    1. Awwww.I knew you would be, and rightly so really Mary. It's blooming gorgeous :)

  4. May I know how to make the technic fig fit in the ferrari?
    Thank you

    1. Hiya Wade,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was checking with my partner, but it is a you'd expect - he was missing his legs! :D

  5. May I know how to make the Technic fig fit in the ferrari ?
    Thank you.

  6. My son really wants this set for Christmas! It looks like a detailed kit that would be enjoyable for him to build.


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