Sunday 5 July 2015


A year ago today, a lady I barely knew lost her little boy, and I cried for her and her family. Georgie wasn't even here for a full 6 months before he lost his fight with Leukaemia.

Today I post this Dragonfly for my friend Oana and for her family, who have never stopped keeping going. You can follow their story at Mama's Haven.

Keep finding the smiles and never waste a minute. #liveitforGeorgie



  1. I remember that day so clearly and my heart broke for them. I cannot believe a year has passed already and I will be thinking the same for you next month. The world is a cruel, cruel place at times. Love x

    1. Yes. It is indeed incredibly cruel sometimes, and it can be hard to find the smiles, but they will always be there, somewhere, eventually xx

  2. So sad for her to lose her baby. Thinking of her.


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