Sunday 26 July 2015

Smart Eggs Labyrinth Puzzles Review

Smart Eggs are a brand new toy brought to us in the UK by Esvedium Games. A 3D puzzle in the shape of an egg, and all you have to do is guide a barbell-shaped wand through the maze inside the egg, from the top to the bottom.

Smart Eggs Labyrinth Puzzles Review

Smart Eggs come in a range of difficulties, and for the more advanced puzzle-solvers there are even 2-layer eggs. We were sent two single layer eggs - Techno (level 7) and Lava (level 8).

Smart Eggs Maze Puzzles for age 8 plus

The instructions are super-simple, so even our 5 and 6 year olds were able to grasp it instantly. Smart Eggs say age 8+ on the box. Our 5 year old is a bit rough with them still and can't really grasp how to look at the puzzle and work it out, but our 6 year old loves them - and can solve them really quickly!

Smart Eggs Review hand held puzzle

We found these two puzzles to actually be completely different! Not only the actual labyrinth itself, but the way you solve them. The red and black Lava Smart Egg is, as expected, definitely more complicated than the Techno, and requires more 'in and out' with the wand. We also managed to discover a really quick short cut to solve the silver and black Techno Smart Egg in 3 seconds....but I'm not going to give away that secret!

Smart Eggs Labyrinth Puzzles review

Having played with Smart Eggs, we are now very keen to try some more, and have also reviewed the far more challenging 2 layer Smart Egg puzzles. My partner is particularly impressed with the intricacy of the labyrinth within the egg, and the way it is built up in layers, leaving no dead ends that are never used.

Children playing with smart egg puzzles

Smart Eggs look absolutely gorgeous. They feel nice in your hand, and they're a great thing to fiddle with, so they're great for fidgets, nail-biters and even maybe people giving up smoking. They aren't actually frustrating and nothing feels like a 'fail', as they're such a pleasure to play with.

Smart Eggs have been available online for a little while, and are now available at Waterstones where they retail at the very reasonable price of £5.99 each. There is a large range of different designs and difficulties. This is exactly the sort of stockingfiller I look for at Christmas for our teenagers, and as a bit of a fun gift for relatives. As my partner is so taken with them I think it's a given that we'll be buying some more within the next few months.


  1. These look really interesting, something I'd have loved trying to solve when I was younger!

    1. They're awesome - and we now have one of the dual-layer eggs too - so watch this space. It's much MUCH harder!


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