Wednesday 23 November 2016

Lucky Voice Home Karaoke Kit Review

Lucky Voice make home karaoke equipment that gives great results whether for parties or a rainy afternoon singalong with the kids. Using their subscription website, you can also access a library of over 8000 songs - there really is something for anyone and everyone...

Our household are big fans of music, and when the children were younger we spent many, many hours belting out tunes on Guitar Hero or Rock Band together. More recently our music has been mainly on CD, radio or music TV, but growing up with song has clearly left an impression on my youngest, who is never quiet and sings half the day. This review is for him really, he loves it....

Inside the Lucky Voice box is everything you need to connect together your own TV, computer and sound equipment:

1 × light and chic microphone mixer
1 × metal-bodied dynamic microphone
1 × 5m microphone cable
1 × headphone to phono cable
2 × headphone to headphone cables
1 × instruction sheet
Plus a voucher code for a month of free singing with the Lucky Voice website.

Impressively heavy, the box is a good one for packing your equipment away when you've finished. I'm really impressed with this, as it's so easy to have stacks of wires and microphones in drawers (or maybe that's just us?). This way you keep your equipment together and safe.

Set up was impressively simple, and registering with the Lucky Voice website, inputting the code and navigation was so intuitive my 6 year old would have been able to do it entirely alone if we'd let him. He was singing his favourite Adele song within 5 minutes *shudder*.

Website users can search for favourite artists and tunes, build playlists or simply click the ‘I Feel Lucky’ button and let Lucky Voice do the work. Subscription to the Lucky Voice Karaoke Music Library is £4.99 a month. If you were an every evening singer or only wanted a get together with your mates once a month, that's the price of a pint or a movie rental, so I can see that it would be good value for any budding stars.

The Lucky Voice Karaoke Machine itself is actually a really impressive piece of kit. You need to connect a computer (Lucky Voice also have an IOS app) for accessing the music you wish to play, and preferably a method of producing sound. We used an ALDI Sound Bar we've been sent to review. The microphone(s) slot into the front, and you are ready to go.

It couldn't be simpler to understand and works really well. It's incredibly easy to adjust the box so that one singer isn't much louder and drowning the other, or one mic is 'backing singer'. The sound is excellent and there's no crackling or feedback or anything other than crisp, clear sound.

The echo feature is so much more useful than I anticipated - it really does make your singing sound so much better if you put a little echo and harmony on it, and of course the younger ones love turning it up to full and playing around shouting words and listening to them echo on.

The Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit is so easy to plug in and use, that it gets more use. It takes 2 minutes to set up and so my son can just sing a song and then put it away, and of course you can use it with any backing track. Yes, your child can even plug in a microphone and sing away to the TV and the Topsy And Tim theme tune, or those Horrible Histories rhymes...maybe don't point that out...

The Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit has a usual price of £50 (Neon Pink, Blue or White) or £60 (Christmas Jumper Edition or Gold), but for Black Friday until midnight Tuesday 29th November they are ALL reduced to £40 with FREE UK postage! A great gift for any superstar in your house...

We were sent our Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit for review.

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