Thursday 24 November 2016

Rockabye Originals Children's Clothes - Reversible Jacket Review

Recently I was contacted by Rockabye Originals and I'd mistakely assumed they only sold baby clothes. In fact, they sell unusual and different clothing for babies and children up to the age of 10. You can tell it's going to be good when it arrives in packaging that looks like this!

Full marks for amazingly simple yet clever design. I haven't pulled anything out of a record sleeve for years, and it took me right back... What was inside might not have been as cool as 12" 1996 remix of The Chemical Brother's Setting Sun, but it was impressive.

My boys were sent a Reversible Denim Jacket each to review. It may seem a bit flimsy for Winter, but I'm struggling to get either of them to wear a thick coat, so actually it's perfect for us. The denim is actually Chambray, a softer, tighter weave. It is moderately splash resistant, and I can even waterproof the jackets with Liquiproof, so they'll be great for Manchester's perma-drizzle.

The jackets are fully reversible, with 2 pockets either way round, and a flip over zip. Both of my boys loved the navy stripes, so that's been the way they've both chosen to wear them mainly. This side is soft jersey cotton and looks just like a regular hoodie.


These jackets have proven such a hit that in fact I've already bought the next size up for my 8 year old. The sizing is about spot on, and both boys were originally given age 6-8. As we want to wear jumpers underneath, I've now got 8-10 for my large 8 year old, my 6 year old is a little small for his age. Plus both boys let us trim their hair (yeeay!)...


I'm really impressed. These jackets are reduced from £40 to £15 each, and they're great at that price. Wearing them striped side out does mean my 6 year old has filthied his sleeves, but I've washed his jacket already and it's come up very nicely, and the jersey hasn't bobbled.

Rockaby have a Rockaby Baby range for 0-2, and Rockabye Kids for children 2-10. All of their clothes are cool and different, designed in the UK and ethically made in Europe. Our jackets are currently reduced to £15 each. You can take a look at the whole range and find out more on the Rockabye Originals Website.

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