Thursday 3 November 2016

Star Wars Dobble Family Card Game Review (age 6+)

We love games, and that includes card games. Dobble is a card game for that plays like an advanced form of snap, and it's a lot harder than you might think! We've been sent Star Wars Dobble for review, and my 6 year old loves it because he loves Star Wars, and he can beat us all!

Inside the box packaging, everything is stored in a really neat embossed Star Wars Darth Vader tin. It's great for storage and transport, and looks lovely on the shelf.

The tin contains a pack of 55 cards, instruction leaflet for the 5 mini-games, and a guide to tell you who all of the characters are on the cards - although we prefer to use the rules "explain it well in 1 phrase and we'll allow it", just until everyone here is a Star Wars expert...

Gameplay is always about finding the matching pairs. Each card has 8 different symbols, and two cards placed side by side will always have 1 common pair. The first to spot that common pair and say it aloud wins the pair. If two players speak at the same time, then the first to cover the cards with their hand wins.

Each mini game is a variation on the basic theme, so they're easy to understand. We found playing them all at one session isn't always the best way, sometimes we just choose 1 game. This is easier for the younger players especially, as when you swap someone always gets a bit confused.

It's actually a lot harder than you might first realise to spot the pair, and we've found the 6+ age range is right, our 6 1/2 year old is very good and has won the vast majority of games he's played - even against 4 adults. That even playing field makes this an excellent game to play with different generations, and brilliant for boosting confidence in youngsters.

Star Wars Dobble is a fantastic family game and will offer lots of interest to any Star Wars fan, whichever film is their favourite! The 5 mini-games mean good variety and it's unlikely to be a game you'll become bored with quickly. It's fast-paced and fun, and another new favourite here - especially with our youngest!

Star Wars Dobble is suitable for 2-8 players aged 6+, made by Asmodee and distributed in the UK by Asmodee Games. Available to buy now rrp £13.99 from all good toy shops instore or online, including Amazon

We were sent our Star Wars Dobble for review.


  1. This looks fun, I think my little boy would like this. Great that it comes in a little tin for storage, much better than card games in boxes!

  2. looks fun, grea for family games night!


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