Monday 6 January 2020

2020 Vision.... Happy New Year

It's back to work proper today for a lot of people, and although this isn't my first post of 2020, I'd drafted the first one last year, so it also counts for me.

I said in my 2019 end of year round up that we'd had a much calmer year. For the first time in a long time, not only did we escape any major disasters, but we escaped them for long enough to start to have time to be a bit 'normal'. I even had chance to worry about the state of my hair and my nails, although don't get too excited - I bought a scrunchie and that's the hair sorted.

HARIBO Veggie Tree sweet with tiny stars to make it look like a Christmas tree

I reduced the number of reviews I did last year, and this year I'm reducing it again. I always have great plans to write more personal posts and take this blog back to a record of our lives and a dumping ground for rambling, rather than a safe list of crafted and fairly formulaic review posts. I write much more quickly from the hip and I really just need to pull on my big girl pants, find some of the confidence I used to have, and go for it.

My lack of blogging confidence and panic about getting facts wrong meant I didn't get round to a couple of posts at the end of last year. I didn't yet tell you about the fabulous Pandora event I went to at The Ivy, and our trip to Simulator Adventures to fly an Airbus A320. I'm also incredibly behind with book reviews - which wasn't helped by eye problems at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019. It turned out to be focal migraines, so thankfully I'm not going blind yet and controlling my blood pressure has helped massively. It meant I already started behind, but I have every intention of catching up this Spring.

Some bloggers earn a fortune, I'm not one of them. My partner's wage and what I earn from blogging don't give us enough money to actually survive, so it's time for me to look for part time work with an hourly rate and regular hours. My young boys are much stronger and more settled now, and the big kids are all grown up, they don't need me to lean on so much, I can go back to being Jenny again. This is another reason I'll be doing less reviews.

I haven't applied for a real job in around 15 years, and most of the jobs I've ever done have come to me rather than by applying. You couldn't apply online last time I was in the market, now it's the opposite, and I can't even remember half of my qualifications. It's a very scary thought to have to step back into that world, although thankfully I have at least kept myself busy - and I think 8 years of blogging might have added a couple of new skills to my CV...

Politically the year isn't off to a robust start, either in the UK or worldwide, but wherever 2020 is going to take you - all the best.

PS. Don't forget to take down all the decorations... and eat a mince pie for luck. Tis 12th Night...


  1. Happy new year!
    Good luck with the blogging.
    I am looking for a part time job this year too. Eek! I've been 18 years without working but thankfully have a brand new CV which was written up for me by someone at the Jobcentre. There was me thinking I had nothing to put on it but being a stay at home parent gives a lot of skills. hehehe

    1. Hahahaha - life skills are so much more valuable than 'read a book' skills too. I have to find the confidence to list all of mine - and maybe get myself to a job centre too!


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