Tuesday 21 January 2020

Daddies And Baddies by Mat Waugh Children's Book Review (Age 3-7+)

Mat Waugh has sent me his latest children's book for review, and it's a big, bold picture book suitable for reading together with younger children. Daddies And Baddies is the story of 5 daddies, 5 baddies and one crazy day....

Daddies and Baddies by Mat Waugh Children's picture story book review

I reviewed Cheeky Charlie for Matt a few years ago, and that was more of a children's storybook, so teaming up with an illustrator to release a picture book is very different. Graham Evans' style is very modern and cartoon-like, with the people always the focus of the image, even in a street scene.

Daddies and Baddies by Mat Waugh Stan's dad illustration and text example

The story starts by introducing all of the characters, and it's written in a light-hearted rhyme. With all the mums busy 'getting stuff done', the Dads and the children all go out to play at the park together.

On the way to the park they stop off to collect money at the bank, and this is when they come across a gang of 5 elderly bank robbers performing one last heist.

Daddies and Baddies by Mat Waugh quote contains nuts

One by one the bank robbers are foiled, in hilarious and unusual ways, and there are some great little messages casually thrown in here - among other things be polite, don't litter and use common sense.

Daddies And Baddies is a really funny tale, which packs quite a lot of story into very few words. There is surprising depth there, one of the dads used to be grumpy and serious until his daughter fell ill, when he changed completely. His daughter now uses a wheelchair, but it isn't seen as a disaster, it's just a normal thing and doesn't in any way stop her being equal to (and as cheeky as) her friends.

Daddies and Baddies by Mat Waugh character uses wheelchair to foil robber

We reviewed Mat Waugh's first children's book, Cheeky Charlie, back in 2015. An early chapter book for independent readers aged 6+, it is also hilarious and written in an informal chatty style, and there are now many books in that series. I think we may well see more from the Daddies and Baddies series too...

Daddies And Baddies is recommended for reading together with children aged 3+ and for young independent readers to read to you. Written by Mat Waugh, illustrated by Graham Evans and published by Red Button Books in large scale with a glossy paperback cover and bold illustrated pages throughout, rrp £6.99.  Available from Amazon (affiliate link below).

We were sent our copy of Daddies And Baddies for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pennies if you buy through my link - but you never pay any extra. It adds up and helps keep the website running.

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