Monday 20 January 2020

Blue Monday...

3rd Monday of the year. January is 217 days in and still no sign of payday. It's cold and damp, with no exciting snow or pretty Winter sun. This is officially the most depressing day of the year, which is especially harsh if it's your birthday.

Our day started on form. Before 7am the doorbell went, and surprisingly it was my partner, who had only just left for work. I say 'left', because he'd made it as far as the drive. where the van wouldn't start because of a flat battery. I was just mainly relieved that I hadn't run downstairs in my dressing gown to open the door to a really early postman.

LEGO scene where a knight has knocked over a drink, and Min the Merciless has slipped in it.

He put the van on charge and made a cup of tea. While he was drinking it he got a call from work to say they'd had a break in - specifically his office.

Meanwhile I was trying to find something to make lunches with. I had realised late last night that we were out of bread, but anticipated a quieter morning and a quick dash to the corner shop to grab a loaf. My partner was frantically ringing everyone he'd ever worked with in an attempt to find out what to do next, so I decided against it. Luckily we haven't yet finished the Christmas food, so for lunch the boys have as many Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches as I could fit in the tiny little lunchbox Bento spaces.

I love Blue Monday. The tune, not the day. I clearly remember going and buying my copy from Way Ahead records in Derby back in nineteencanteen. It's always struck me as perfect that the all-time best selling 12" record epitomises teenage angst merely with it's title, and then it's actually a cheeky little dance number. And it's been running through my head all morning.

By 8.30am the van battery was charged, everyone had gone and I could begin my day. I did wonder if the uncooperative Hoover was going to be my own '3rd thing', but it only took 5 minutes to unclog. My partner rang to say he was okay and the break in wasn't too invasive, and the boys really do like Ritz crackers, so I'm left thinking we got away with this one lightly.

That's probably tempted fate...

Bring it on Blue Monday. I have you.


  1. I hope your day went well in the end. It is a strange day. Thanks for this post xx

    1. Hahahaha - it mainly did - until 8.30pm when my partner got called back to work after a power cut caused something to explode! You could barely make it up :D


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