Wednesday 29 January 2020

From Triples To Triplets - The Making Of A Triplet Dad by S.C.Wood Review

When I was contacted and asked if I'd be happy to be sent a review copy of A Meditative Parent: The Making Of A Triplet Dad*, I accepted because I was interested in reading S.C. Wood's journey. Self-destructive alcoholic to book-writing, peaceful and meditative Dad of triplets is a giant leap over a period of time. It's a life turned right around and very much a person saved.

It's not something my own brother ever achieved, and I think that's why I took the review.

*Si has changed the title of his book since I was sent my copy, it's now known as 'Triples To Triplets' - which I agree is a better description.

A Meditative Parent: The Making Of A Triplet Dad by S.C.Wood:Book Cover with long road leading into the distance

This is a book for adults, unlike most of my book reviews, and it does deal with the heavy stuff. There is a little swearing which is totally contextual. Alcoholism isn't pretty, nor is depression, and there are very frank mentions of suicide, domestic violence, child abuse and drug use, but they are not dwelt on. Mostly though, there is positivity, and a great read which regularly defies belief.

Si starts with his own background story. This is what forms the parent you start out as, whether you copy or rebel, you can only really learn from experience. His childhood was not ideal and led to a lack of self-confidence and self-respect, and a build up of anger and resentment, which fuelled his self-destructive path through alcohol and drug misuse, and failed relationships. Even in one book, you can see the child within the man.

Terrified of commitment or settling down, but not actually wanting to destroy himself, he flitted around, repeatedly running away when life scared him. He is very honest about his own failings as a younger man. Meditation helped him to overcome anger and resentment which had built up his whole life, and begin to see everything with a new lens.

A Meditative Parent by S.C.Wood Triplet Dad Book Review example text

A large part of his later life features his wife Stacey, her daughter Frankie and the immense changes that occurred to their little family when Stacey became pregnant naturally with triplets. He talks about the high-risk pregnancy and birth candidly, voicing a lot of the fears I think parents-to-be usually have, but often don't even share with their partners.

Si talks about the triplets with a measure we all hope to have. The reality of the sleep-deprivation and stress placing pressure on his relationship and his sobriety, but all the while keeping sight of why you feel like this, your babies.

A Meditative Parent by S.C.Wood Alcoholic and destructive to Triplet Dad

S.C.Wood's story is truly inspirational, and a big part of that is the fact you clearly see how long he was on course for destruction, and how low he had fallen, yet he pulled himself up and stayed up through his use of meditation. Babies can break the toughest of people, triplets far more so. Meditation is his saviour, his distraction and what keeps him focussed. It's never too late to be the person you hoped you'd be.

 A Meditative Parent: The Making Of A Triplet Dad is written by S.C.Wood and self-published. Available now on Amazon, 266 pages, rrp £8.99. Affiliate link below:

I was sent my copy of A Meditative Parent: The Making Of A Triplet Dad by S.C.Wood for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence if you buy through my link, but you never pay any extra. 

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