Thursday 2 January 2020

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow Game Review (age 14+) Sent by Asmodee

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow is what is commonly referred to as a party game because it suits a large group. In this case a massive 8-18 players, aged 14+ (and add-ons are available to take that up to 48). Each game will normally take less than an hour, and it's very easy to play. The format is a little like the classic party game 'Murder In The Dark' and it's very intuitive. You just need a little organisation to get the crowd together.

The town is overrun by Werewolves who are eating the Townsfolk and must be stopped. Players are either on the side of the Townsfolk or the Werewolves, and the aim is to rid the village of your opponents so that you can live in peace...

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow Game Review  for Asmodee pack shot

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow is stored in a tiny box 10cm x 10cm, and inside are just the instructions and 24 different cards. No waste, very little single use or unnecessary plastic, and easily transported and stored.

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow Party Murder Mystery Game Box Contents laid out

The cards are beautifully and fairly simply illustrated with the player roles - Werewolves, Hunter, Witch, Townspeople, Thief etc. They are dealt secretly to players, who then assume that role for the remainder of the game, or until they are killed, which usually happens first.

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow Party Murder in the dark Mystery Game character cards

The instruction booklet seems daunting at first, but it's very short and explains the different roles players take on and their special skills. A Moderator leads and controls the play, as everyone falls asleep for their first night.

During the 'night' the Werewolves make themselves known (only to each other), a victim is chosen and dispatched, the Fortune Teller and the Little Girl get to peek for clues, other players may also have special tasks, and when the Moderator wakes everyone up in the 'morning', the questioning begins...

After questioning the players all vote on who they think is a werewolf - and dispatch them. Any character who meets their demise is removed from the game and are out (until the next round).

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow is loads of fun. It's also a great way to discover just how good your family and friends are at lying! No-one should give away their role or their affiliation to Townsfolk or Werewolves, or they will make themselves a target. You'd think that would make it impossible to discover who is who, but it isn't quite.

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow Murder Mystery Game character cards townspeople

There are always clues that someone is lying, and even if someone claims to be someone they aren't. Each round you take a vote to eliminate a player suspected of being a Werewolf, and this is a good chance to spot the patterns.

We tried playing with my 11 and 9 year old boys, and while their lying skills might be a little lacking, they did okay. It's an entirely different game with solely adults/older teenagers, and it can get really sneaky and competitive!

Each game takes around 20-50 minutes depending on the number of players, the strictness of the moderator and the depth of questioning. It really wakes you up and gets your brain working, and can be very funny, especially if you have players willing to get really into character!

For large amounts of people this is a brilliant game at a great price, and you won't be disappointed.

The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow was created by Philippe Des Palliseres and Herve Marly, published by Tui Meme and is distributed in the UK by Asmodee. Available now from good independent games stockists, including online at Amazon with the very reasonable rrp of £9.99. Amazon affiliate link below:

We were sent our copy of The Werewolves Of Millers Hollow for review as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club. Amazon links are affiliate, which earns me a few pence if you buy through my link, but never costs you a penny extra.

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