Monday 6 January 2020

Pandora Millie Bobby Brown Charms Launch

Back in November I was the very lucky plus1 to Sim (from Simslife) at a launch event for Pandora. You might not instantly associate me with Pandora, and it's true I'm not the girliest girl, but I do really like a bit of sparkle and it was a really excellent night out.

Pandora small white jewellery box with earrings inside

We were there to see the brand new range of charms created by Millie Bobby Brown, the young starring actress from Stranger Things. My earrings only arrived just before Christmas, and as I knew there were queues out of the door at most Pandora branches, there didn't seem a lot of point rushing to tell you about them. But if you happened to be the lucky recipient of vouchers under your tree - they've a Winter Sale on now...

Statue and floral wallpaper at The Ivy in Manchester

The launch evening was held at The Ivy in Manchester and it was my first visit. Wow. It's exactly as you'd expect, but with the added bonus of awesome bathrooms and the most amazing waistcoats. The staff themselves, who were impeccable, really made the difference. They were so friendly! I expected politeness, charm and to be well-looked after, but they were also the nicest, smiliest bunch of people too.

Myself and sim with barman smiling at Pandora event The Ivy Manchester November 2019

It only got better because Pandora really did spoil us. Within 5 minutes of arriving I had a glass of bubbly and was having my nails done. It was a bad week for my hands as I'd been making black iced cupcakes, broken half my nails and looked like I'd been down the pit. The manicurist did an excellent job of making me look semi-decent.

Pandora Millie Bobby Brown Event at The Ivy Manchester PR's addressing the crowd

All of the charms in the Millie Bobby Brown range were designed with the young actor's influence, and it's a really diverse range within the PandoraMe umbrella.

Hand with Pandora Millie Bobby Brown Bracelet Charms dangling

All of the designs are available as bracelet charms, dangling charms or earrings. I knew I wanted the earrings and I'd taken a shine to the Bumblebee and Flower, but just in case we weren't sure, we also had a fortune teller to meet with us and make suggestions. I don't know exactly what she was saying to Sim here...

Pandora Event The Ivy Manchester Fortune Teller with Sim

I honestly loved several of the charms as earrings, and you buy individually, so you can mix and match. Handy if, like me, you don't even have an even number of holes in your ears.

Pandora Millie Bobby Brown Bracelet Charms lightning

With help from the Fortune Teller, I decided on the Lightning - My Powerful Light, and the Tree - My Nature. It's really hard to show them in photos, but they are incredibly fine, super sparkly when the light hits them, and I'm very happy with them.

PandoraME Millie Bobby Brown Earrings Energy lightning My Nature tree

If you are a Pandora sort of person, and I didn't think I was, but it turns out I really am, they've currently got a Winter Sale on and my Sterling Silver Millie Bobby Brown earrings cost a very reasonable £17 £12 each - instore or online on the Pandora website.

My evening and my earrings were free of charge for review. More photos on my Instagram grid.


  1. It was such an awesome event, best I have been to in a long time and am so glad you were there too! :) The jewellery is gorgeous! From my facial expression, I think she was telling me she could see a wedding ring in my future! ;) xx

    1. Awww it was a great night off - and Hahahaha you didn't tell me she said that!! I look forward to it :D

  2. What a fab event. These look so lovely and the jewellery looks amazing. I do wonder what Sim was being told xx

    1. Hahaha apparently she was being told she'd get married. I can't wait, although she doesn't seem entirely keen :D
      It was a great event and I love my earrings.


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