Tuesday 27 August 2013

Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner Batman!

It's just a normal day in BrickCastle Land.
People are going about their business.

Little Bob is waiting for a lift.
Here's Batman with his new Superbike
Bob's really excited to go for a ride.
Oh no!! Patrick's dog has spotted him and run into the road!
Batman swerves to avoid the dog and Bob is thrown from the vehicle.
A crowd gathers to see if he's okay.
Fortunately Bob just has a few bumps and bruises.
People are annoyed Batman wasn't more responsible.
After a quick trip to A&E Bob goes home with no permanent damage.
Batman vows to make travel safer for children.
 Batman got in touch with the people at Kids Embrace and found they had exactly the thing he needed.

The perfect car seat for a little superhero with a 5 point harness, side impact protection, an adjustable headrest. It has a removable backrest and soft padded insert to make it suitable for children in group 1,2 and 3 car seats, from approximately 9 months to 12 years. Available to buy in Smyths, Halfords and Toys R Us.

All vehicles were built by 4 year old Master Designer Donnie
This is my entry for the Kids Embrace Car Seat competition, and I'll receive a small Batman themed gift in return for producing this post.


  1. this is brilliant! well done donnie!

    1. Thank you! I shall pass your compliments onto the Master Vehicle Designer :D

  2. Brilliant! Well done Donnie

  3. You are so funny! Love it, I can tell the master builder has great skills.

    1. Funny, no, it was a very serious post :P

      Cheers Tina, and I will pass on your compliments to the Master Builder :D

  4. I can see a whole new career for you with CBeebies!


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