Friday 21 April 2017

8 Ways To Make Money While Travelling.

This post is written by Nikolai Catrow

Everyone thought about a future profession in childhood, and if your dream came true – you are lucky! As show numerous opinion polls, the happiest people in their profession are those whose work is directly related to travel. Such a work brings pleasure but demands good health and stress resistance from a person.

So, you do not like to stay at home but you love to travel? Choose a profession from the list that will allow you to travel around the world:

1. English Teacher
If you are fluent in English, then you can try your strength at a number of countries, especially in South-East Asia. South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Japan are the most popular directions. You can also teach the language in Cambodia, Laos, India, but most likely this work will be on a volunteer basis: you will have to work in poor schools and shelters but food and housing will be for free.

2. Tour Guide
It is a popular way to earn money and travel at the same time. However, don’t forget that a tour guide is primarily a job but often guides work unofficially. Hence, there are unstable earnings and the lack of social benefits. Although, specialists with extensive work experience can get a job in a stable company and have a good salary.

3. Interpreter
A number of companies prefer to hire translators from different sites. But those who care about privacy do not allow strangers to participate in negotiations. They invite their own professional who is reliable and experienced, and who thoroughly knows the intricacies of legal vocabulary. Therefore, interpreters who work for large companies always travel a lot.

4. Cruise Liner Worker
Companies that organize cruises are ready to offer a lot of vacancies. Some of them do not require special skills apart from the knowledge of languages (for example, for work as a waiter or a maid), and you can show your talents in some spheres: for example, teach holidaymakers to dance, play the piano or cook excellent desserts. Among the obvious advantages, there is the opportunity to make a long sea voyage all around the world, great savings by the end of the trip (you will not have time to spend money during life on a liner) or you can even find your love and marry brides from another country.

5. Event-Manager
Representatives of this profession work in agencies or large corporations that are engaged in concluding one-off contracts. Event-managers assist in the planning and in the competent conduction of corporate events. They organize recreation, choose entertainment, and get discounts for saving the company's money. Event managers are sent to the scene of events with the client of some organization and keep the process of the event under control.

6. Photographer
It is one of the most favorite traveller’s professions. Those who are able to hold a camera and catch interesting moments, earn money uploading pictures on photo-sites or selling them to print publications or working with local customers: it can be clubs or hotels for example.

7. Work and Travel Program
It gives the possibility to visit different countries. The program is for students and lasts from 2 to 5 months. The offered vacancies are mainly related to the service sector – it can be a job in shops, restaurants, etc.

8. AU Pair
AU pair offers work in another country. The most common job of this program is a babysitter. A host family provides an employee with housing, food, a small salary (usually equal to the minimum wage), as well as compensation for the costs of learning a language of a country. Countries that offer the AU pair program is the USA and most European countries.

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