Wednesday 12 April 2017

New Skylanders Imaginators Characters for Easter 2017

My two boys had a surprise early Easter gift in the post yesterday courtesy of Activision and Skylanders Imaginators. They've already played the game through a couple of times, but character releases shake everything up and add their own unique characteristics...

New characters have been released in waves and we've been sent the characters in Wave 4 to review including 2 very special edition Easter variant characters. The boxes themselves are gorgeous - the illustrations are really well done.

We have Easter Edition Egg Bomber Air-Strike and Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf and brand new releases Grave-Clobber and Pain-Yatta.

Egg-Bomber Air Strike has different colouring to the original Air-Strike character, he's now in pastels rather than gold and black and for a villain looks much more friendly. When you play the special characters your onscreen character matches the variant except in cut scenes.

Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf is our other Easter Edition sensei. He's also rather pastel, which is strikingly different to his normal reds and orange! His flare gun is actually beautiful in lilac, the detail on the dragon stands out so well. 

Grave-Clobber is quite rightly the least colourful of our new characters, but that doesn't mean he lacks detail. Mighty as you'd expect in the game, he is the obvious choice of Sensei Trainer for Brawlers. Those uncannily Aztec fists do a great job even if they may have originated in the wrong continent.

Pain-Yatta is like the offspring of Honey Monster and a unicorn. I love him. He's huge and bumbling and the Sensei Trainer for all things Smashing. I can't help but laugh when he's on screen, I'm just waiting for him to turn round, grin and wave.

On screen the new Sensei characters act as you'd expect, using the same controls as previous characters and training your own Imaginator in a new variety of attacks and defences. No surprises both Grave-Clobber and Pain-Yatta are not the most elegant and genteel of battlers...

The Easter characters have great new skins and it would have been nice to have them bomb Easter eggs, but understandably that would have been trickier. Grave-Clobber and Pain-Yatta are understandably my two boys newest favourites - and rightly so.

The new Skylanders Sensei are out now. Available to buy at all good toy and games stores instore or online, including Smyths and Toys R Us rrp £14.99 each.


  1. N is such a huge Skylanders fan and he was delighted to buy Pain-Yatta with his birthday pennies. He has the original Flare Wolf but the Easter special is so cute!

    1. They really are a bit cute - I have such a soft spot for Pain-Yatta. He looks so cuddly :D

  2. Replies
    1. The boys love them - they're ecstatic. The Easter special editions are very cool though :D


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