Thursday 20 April 2017

Wearing your creation on your head...BrickHats Review

If you are going to make something cool then you want people to see it. What better place to display your creations than your own head? BrickHats come in 6 different colours and somewhat bizarrely proved the perfect canvas for my partner to create an amazing tribute to the host of The Joy Of Painting, Bob Ross...


Usually I accept an item for review because I think we'll like it, but just occasionally I'm more intrigued than certain. I honestly couldn't decide about BrickHats, but it turns out they're actually brilliant...

On the front are two plates which accept your standard bricks, we naturally used LEGO. It's a really nicely made cap with some lovely detail, and is available in 'Youth' (20-22in) and 'Adult' (22-24in).

The plate on the front is velcro'ed on, and the plate on the peak is specially shaped to grip on, but can also be removed if you need to clean your hat.

It actually offers a pretty large space to work on, and the shape of the hat makes it ideal for on your lap while you create...

The plates make a natural backdrop and a Bob Ross landscape seemed the perfect choice. Obviously this is 3D and so we have room for Bob himself, and the bear from the Vacation Getaways LEGO set...

Due to the lack of laying his hands on an actual paint palate, this is during Bob's little-known pizza phase...

Precarious as it looks, it doesn't move and it far more secure than I anticipated. My 7 year old can't sit still for more than 12 seconds, but he can wear this pretty safely and has run around in it without us yet losing a single piece. Some sort of miracle...

BrickHats are currently available in red, blue, black, grey, navy and pink - for Bob fans this includes Prussian Blue, Transparent Black and Alizarin Crimson (sadly no Van Dyke Brown available as yet)... rrp £25.

I have a voucher code for readers of The Brick Castle - the code is 'thebrickcastle' - this will give you 20% off all orders placed on the Brickhats Website until 31/5/2017. 
You can keep up with some of the latest awesome customer creations on the BrickHats Facebook Page.

To find out more about the softly-spoken 80's hero Bob Ross and his mission to bring The Joy Of Painting to the masses, check out the Bob Ross website...

We were sent our BrickHat for review.


  1. These look fantastic. What a great idea and a fun way to take lego to play with x

    1. It is so handy for that. Carry your LEGO characters with you and you'll always know where they are. Sadly I can't fit the LEGO Scooby Doo van on there :D

  2. Thanks very much for the review and the discount. I have bought one for my son and niece for Christmas. (Not sure if I am allowed to mention the "C" word in June!

    1. Glad it was useful! Thank you for taking the time to comment. I think we can mention it, just as long as there are no decorations up yet! :)


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