Saturday 22 April 2017

The Magic Of My Name Personalised Story Book Review (age 0-8)

The Magic Of My Name is a story book for children aged around 0-8 which is personalised for your child. You choose boy or girl, hair colour and then add their own name, which becomes focal to the entire story...

The book arrives wrapped in card and plastic to protect it from the elements during shipping, and I was impressed with the quality and weight. Each page is thick glossy paper. Our book is a hardbacked copy and it's nicely bound and will wipe clean from small spills.

Ordering is really simple and takes less than a minute. We were a tiny bit disappointed to see that red hair is not an option, so we had to choose the next best, which is straight and blonde. There is a large dedication space on the inside front page which you can choose to edit. I found the example a bit twee, so I edited it slightly, but you can entirely rewrite it if you wish. 

Each book has a minimum of 38 pages - really very long for a personalised book. The authors Dirk Hampel and Mike De Seve have written a proper story and we actually read it over 2 bedtimes. The tale is a bit crazy, very dreamlike and imaginative, but full of familiar objects and creatures which younger children will recognise.

The illustrations by Marta Viader and Andre Arcos are bright and colourful, the characters friendly and sweet. The child wanders the world making new friends and finding letters from their name plus an associated quality - K for Kind for example.

The selections given for the letters of my little Turbo-Boy son's name really did fit well - energetic, zany, enthusiastic. Definitely...

This is a really nice book and the story held my son throughout. He was impressed when he realised the letters spelt out his name and identifies with the child in the tale. The Magic Of My Name is more expensive than some personalised books, but also much longer and it is nicely made. A lovely keepsake gift for a special child.

The Magic Of My Name is published by The Story Tailors and available now priced £23.99 with a standard cover, hardback £4.99 extra and postage is also £4.99 - reductions when you buy 2 books or more. Delivery takes around 10 days. 
Find out more and create your own book on The Magic Of My Name website.

We were sent our book for review.


  1. It's a beautiful book
    I have one for my nephew and he'll actually sit and read with ME 🥇🥇

    1. Awww there isn't much better than snuggling up together reading a nice book. He's a lucky Nephew to have you to read with him :)


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