Thursday 6 April 2017

Roblox Toys Series 1 from Jazwares Review (age 6+)

Roblox has kept children in my house entertained and shouting at each other across the room for the last 10 years. The blocky PC game have now teamed up with Jazwares and launched their own range of collectible toys featuring characters and accessories familiar to game players...

We've been sent a selection to review, including a Mystery Figure Pack, the Core Figure Pack - Mr Bling Bling and the Game Pack - Work At A Pizza Place. The figures are articulated, with a bend at the knee and hip and turning shoulders and neck.

There are 40 different Series 1 Mystery Figure Pack figures, and our box revealed the Classic Noob with my favourite figure accessory of the year so far - an fantastic Noob placard.

Each Mystery Pack has a figure with an accessory, a collectors checklist and a code for an exclusive in-game virtual item. Obviously the items are associated with the figure. I'm pretty sure you can guess which awesome item we got...

The Classic Noob is one of the figures based on an older character from before Roblox upgraded to the more rounded figures. He's the only one of our characters who slots together like this and his hand size is slightly different, so none of our other figures can hold his placard.

Our Core Figure Pack is Mr Bling Bling with his chain of office, top hat and staff. In the pack he also has a collectors checklist and a code for an exclusive in-game virtual item.

Mr Bling Bling is one of the modern shaped figures. They are more rounded and less pixellated figures with tighter grip in the hands. You can swap the parts of the figures around, but you can't exchange parts of older and newer figures.

The biggest set we've been sent is the Game Pack - Work At A Pizza Place. This is a great little playset with 2 figures - the Pizza Chef and Pizza Delivery Boy - the pizza delivery moped and 3 pizzas as well as the collectors checklist and code for an exclusive virtual item.

I love the moped. It has a fold out stand and a hinged backbox for storing the 3 pizzas. Very cute.

It's worth noting as well that both the Game Pack and the Core Figure Pack have cardboard backdrops which are great for your photos...

If you've never heard of Roblox, it is an online massively-multiplayer game where the players themselves create the worlds that their characters inhabit. Roblox is very child-friendly with quite simple games and it has 2 different account types for players under and over 13. Parents can control features on their child's account, including turning off private chat.

For under 13's only a 'whitelist' of words can be used whenever players communicate and attempting to share private information is actually banned across the site. My older children spent hours playing online together while sitting in the living room and shouting instructions at each other rather than having to type it on screen. Bizarrely they mainly played at running a factory...

Although it is possible to use real money to purchase fancy hats and upgrades, anyone can play forever for free.

I think for the price you pay these are great for any Roblox-obsessed youngster. My boys think they are brilliant, and very cool. Mystery Figure Packs give a better quality gift than a lot of other comparable packs.

Roblox Toys are available now from many good toy stores including Toys R Us and Smyths. Mystery Figure Pack rrp £3.99, Core Figure Pack (Mr Bling Bling) rrp £7.99 and Game Pack (Work At A Pizza Place) rrp £12.99. You can find out more on the official Roblox Toys website.

We were sent our Roblox Toys for review. 

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