Tuesday 18 April 2017

The Boss Baby at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester...

On Easter Sunday we were invited to see a private screening of The Boss Baby at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester. I've never watched a movie in a hotel before and it was such a lovely event and so well organised that I thought I owed it to them to write about it.

The Hilton Hotel are rightly proud of their association with animated family movie The Boss Baby. They want to promote their family friendly side, so that families know they can come and stay and be fully catered for - in fact, children stay and eat for free.

When we arrived in the huge foyer it was really busy, but staff were on hand to send us upstairs to where the film would be shown. One flight up and it was a different world from 2 minutes away in the central Manchester street of Deansgate. Popcorn, ice creams (with waffle cones), hot dogs, nachos, candy floss, cupcakes, 3 colours of juice! It was amazing even to an adult and the children were ecstatic! Between them they tried everything...

The film projected onto a big screen in the impressive Deansgate Suite - a huge space 7 metres tall and set out with at least 300 chairs. It worked really well and we could all see and hear the movie perfectly. Everyone had an activity pack on their seats and it's one of the best I've seen, with genuinely well thought out and varied activities.

The boys especially enjoyed The Boss Baby - they giggled aloud many times. The relationship between the new baby and his big brother is the main feature of the film. There are a few good laughs and the storyline is easy for children to follow, with some depth to keep the adults interested. It's full of imagination, something which is always to be encouraged I think.

The Boss Baby covers really well a lot of the emotions and feelings children can have when they are faced with a new sibling - especially when they've been the only child beforehand. My one bugbear was the baby slapping his Mother. He did it several times during the film and it was never challenged. The overriding message of the the film though is one of family, love and sibling bonding. It is a really good movie to watch as a family.

My young boys can argue as well as any brothers, but they have been incredibly close since the minute my youngest was born and we are very lucky in that. They were also both equally worn out by their trip into town...

The Boss Baby is in cinemas, the Hilton Hotel has a cinema in it...

You can find out more about the special offers for families at Hilton Hotels on their website, plus enter their competition to win a holiday at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.

We were invited to the event without any expectation or commitment.
There aren't many photos of the hall or any of the screening room because there were kids everywhere are it looks weird when you blur out too many faces...kind of like that episode of Dr Who with the smudgy-faced people.

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