Tuesday 20 October 2020

Myface by Kevin Landt, Young Adult Fiction Book Review (sent for review)

 Myface is a new release from Kevin Landt, and I've been sent a copy for review. This is very modern young adult fiction, which blurs the lines between social media fantasy, and reality, so much so that you don't really know what's real and what isn't until a good way through the book. 

Myface starts with a murder, and then follows twisting and turning paths which all intersect at various points in the book. It has a great cast of people who all have the same thing in common - they care desperately about what other people think of them. Far too much really...

Myface by Kevin Landt book cover with woman's face reflected below. She wears lots of make up, appears emotional

The main characters include Norman, a 22 year old ex-child star and 24 hour a day live streamer. Max, who spends his life watching other people live their lives. Amir, the theatre director, and his financer and wife, Jada. We have Sebastian, obsessed with someone he can never have, and his wife, Liz, who dreams of acting stardom. Finally we have the seemingly perfect, sultry and illusive Angela Fox. 

The story plays out as a mix of reality and daydream,  and we see right into the character's heads. We begin to understand their desires and motives, and very much we can see their errors as they attempt to be the people they dream of,  at least in front of the cameras. 

It is a book with a clear message. Don’t lose sight of reality. What you see on screen is rarely actually the experience in true life, it's far more glittery and carefully choreographed. Keep one foot on the ground, because there are definitely more important things in life than followers and likes.... 

myface young adult thriller fiction about social media inside text emaple

I really enjoyed Myface. It's 'pulp fiction', and it drew me in. I very quickly wanted to know where it was leading, and it's a good lighter read for someone who fancies something they can immerse themselves into without emotional investment. 

You even get a classic 'whodunit' brought right up to date for 2020, and it's really impossible to work out before the end, mostly because of the duplicitous nature of almost everyone involved.  

Myface is written by Kevin Landt and self published on Amazon. 118 pages, rrp £5.59. Available now - affiliate link below:

I was sent my copy of Myface for review. Amazon links are affiliate, which never costs you a penny more, but pays me a few pence thank you if you buy through my link. 


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