Monday 26 October 2020

Funko Games Review - Disney Something Wild! and Marvel Battleworld Battle Ball (Sent for review)

Funko are really well known for their 'Funko Pops', but that's only part of the story, They also make a range of games, and we've been sent some to review. 

We've been sent Mickey And Friends and Toy Story Something Wild! games (age 6+, 2-4 players), and 2 of the Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls (age 6+)... 

Funko Games Review - Something Wild! and Battle Ball! Collage showing aspects of each

The Marvel Battleworld Battle Balls are quite large and heavy, so straight away the boys were very keen to get into them. They have a plastic sleeve around which really needs scissors to open because the rip strip is a bit hit and miss - don't use your teeth! 

Boys trying to open Funko Marvel battleworld battle balls

Inside you have 1 Hero, 1 Hero Card, 1 Thanostone (containing a mystery Hero), 1 mystery Hero Card sealed in black plastic, 5 Battle Cards, 1 Attack Die, 5 Danger Tokens, 1 Danger Coin and Instructions. 

What is inside Funko Marvel battleworld battle balls

The Heroes are obviously collectible, and my boys were pleased with their mystery Heroes especially. This is Series 1, which has 30 different characters to collect. They're little stand up plastic figures and very nicely done - as you would expect from Funko. 

The Thanostone is also very cute, and made from some sort of blown material which tears rather than cracks - it's actually really quite hard to open, so the reward is that much sweeter. The tokens are pressed out from thick, glossy card. 

Each Hero has their own Battle Card, which brings different qualities to the Battleworld game. My boys were both particularly pleased with their mystery Heroes. (Don't open the mystery Hero Card until you've played the game and won the opportunity to crack open the Thanostone first.)

Funko Marvel Battle Balls heroes spider-man and Throg

The game itself is quite complex, but the instructions were fairly easy to follow, so play alongside the instruction book the first time, until you know what you are doing. This is an unveiling toy, character models and a Battleworld game, all rolled into one, and everything stores neatly back in the Battle Ball at the end. 

The Battleworld Battle Ball costs £6.99rrp, which is an excellent price for all you get and very good value for money. An excellent stockingfiller or present for friends' birthdays. 

Something Wild! was a new game to us, but it feels very familiar because it has a similar structure to Rummy, with a few twists and additions. We've been sent the Mickey & Friends and Toy Story editions. 

Something Wild! Card Games Toy Story and Mickey and Friends Disney editions

Inside the box are the pack of 45 Character Cards, 10 Power Cards, 1 Funko Pop Character and instructions. It's packaged in a plastic insert to keep the figure safe in transit, and it would be nice to see that replaced with cardboard. 

Disney Funko Something Wild! Card Games pack contents

The Pop figures are, obviously, cute as a button. Very detailed and they stand up really well by themselves. You get to hold the Pop figure if you play a card the same colour as the top 'Power Card' in the stack.

Funko Disney Something Wild characters Woody and Mickey Mouse from Micky and Friends

The aim of the game is to gather together 3 Character Cards of either the same colour in a run (e.g. Blue 5,6  and7), or 3 cards of the same number. Each time you get a group of 3, you take the top Power Card for yourself. It can give you special actions - but only if you are holding the Pop character at the time. 

Somewhat disappointingly the blue and purple cards look exactly the same to my colourblind boys, so we've had to write a B on all of the blue ones. It's unfortunate, and a fairly common problem, but easy to avoid. 
Funko Disney Something Wild! Card Games review Toy Story and Mickey collage of all the Card examples

The winner is the first person to hold 3 Power Cards, and a game is very quick. A 2-Player game can finish within 15 minutes. Gameplay is very simple, and you can add together different sets to really mix it up a bit and have 2 players using Power Cards at once. There's a lot of scope for strategy as you get better, and learn how to time using the Power Cards to best advantage. 

Funko Disney Something Wild! Card Games review Toy Story and Mickey Card gameplay set up on table

Something Wild! is a really great little game to fill half an hour, or play while you chat. It's very portable, so great for travelling and visiting (when possible!). It's a good stockingfiller and available in a host of different Disney designs (including a Nightmare Before Christmas, which I might just have to get!). Available now, prices start at about £6.99 depending on where you go and which particular game you are after. I'd shop around. 

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  1. I love the look of all of these. They all look like ideal stocking fillers.

    1. They are really great 'stockingfillers with added value'- very impressive for the base prices. Fingers crossed the collectors don't snap them all up :D

  2. I think my son would love this even at 22 and it is a great sticking filler

    1. :D sometimes I wonder who likes things most here too, the big kids or the target age range

  3. this looks like a lot of fun xx

    1. Something Wild! Is a really nice family game. Battle ball is more for the kids :D


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