Thursday 15 October 2020

#TBCSmiles October 2020 74 Months...

 It's the 15th and the grinniest day of the month - and I think we all need that at the moment. 

How is your mental health? How are you coping? Take a bit of time to think about yourself and do a wellness check. Are you sleeping well, eating well? When was the last time you treated yourself to a few hours doing something just for you? 

It's easy to become distracted by the fact there's a pandemic, and a lot of things have had to be put on hold, but life hasn't stopped. You still need to cook, clean study, work, and likewise you still need time off. If you haven't built it into your week, try to do so - you still earned it. 

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined in with #TBCSmiles this month over on Instagram. It was a busy one with the return to organised chaos for parents of schoolchildren, and if you are anything like us, you've also experienced the joys of 2 week's self-isolation (and 7 days trying to get at least 1 of us tested - thankfully that situation has improved a bit). It's definitely not 'normal', it is a new and temporary normal, but we are still making those smiles. 

Anyone is welcome to join in, you don't need children, good lighting or a fancy camera, just a smile or a grin or a giggle. Here are 9 of the biggest smiles from the last month - and we have lots of grown ups, which is really nice to see. 

Sometimes smiles come easy, and some are very hard won, but they are ALL precious... 

These gorgeous smiles were shared by the following happy instagrammers: 

OurLittleEscapades / SuperBusyMum / MrsAmyLFox
Over40AndAMumToOne / MrsShilts / TheStrawberryFountain
GoingOnAnAdventureBlog / LancsKaren / BeautiesAndTheBibs

We made smiles here too, mostly captured I think when playing games we've been sent to review - they'll be useful this Winter! And we had a 12th birthday... 

TBCSmiles 74 months October 2020 our smiles

Sometimes it can be harder to see the smiles, but if you keep looking, you can always find them...


  1. These smiles really do light up the world. I love these posts so much. Look at all your gorgeous wee faces. Hugs xx

    1. :D They really are a breath of fresh air! We all need to remember to smile - especially now :)


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