Sunday 12 June 2016

A visit to London with Skylanders Imaginators!

During half term 3 of my boys and I were treated to a trip to London and an awesome event to preview Skylanders Imaginators, which will be released this October. Gaming is a big thing in my house, and Skylanders has been a favourite for several years, so this really was a treat and a half.

We even got some smiles at 6.30am in an almost empty Piccadilly Station, Manchester. Our own personal Turbo-boy was naturally already raring to go...

A mere 3 1/2 hours later and we arrived at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, London. They'd laid on a gorgeous breakfast which was very welcome, but we could already see that the action was in the room beyond...

Stupidly I didn't take a photo of the room, I was too busy picking my jaw back up from the floor. Willy Wonka had nothing on Skylanders when it comes to organising an event - this was beyond anything we expected. Thankfully the gorgeous and lovely Deborah over at Super Busy Mum did take a photo, and she's let me borrow it. I'm even in it!

You can find Superbusymum's write up and more of her gorgeous photos here...

There was an ice cream guy making all kinds of crazy flavours - and we had to guess them. Tentacle Armed turned out to be Raspberry and Honey!

The centre of the room held the most amazing table full of wondrous sweets. The photo's in no way do it justice, and they really were beautiful tasting and fabulous quality.

Next an amazing caricature artist, who drew my 7 year old and turned him into a Skylander in about 5 minutes and created something we'll treasure forever...

The next thing that caught my boy's eye was the t-shirt printing. They both chose their own designs and I think they're happy with them - they haven't worn anything else since!

There was also a photobooth, and a rare chance to get some photos of one of the teenagers and the little boys together. This is going in a frame!

Of course it wouldn't be right if there wasn't also lots of opportunity to play the games. Skylanders Superchargers a-plenty on consoles around the room, and a large cushion area for playing Battlecast the app. and card game.

The room went quiet instantly when we were asked to go and watch a preview of the new Skylanders Imaginators game which will be out on October 14th in the UK. Imaginators promises to allow players the most customisable characters ever.

Skylanders Imaginators different heads body voice

Players start by choosing an elemental class first, then select which type of fighter they want to their character to be. Here are a few examples - please excuse the photo's - I was a long way away from the screen!

(Sadly this image has currently been removed as requested by Skylanders
 - it will return nearer October)

Next your character's appearance. Choose several body parts, weapons and accessories (including a teddy bear backpack!). There are literally millions of combinations, and you can pick up and earn new features as in-game rewards while playing. There are a few familiar faces in there...

Skylanders Imaginators game graphics preview

Appearance sorted, it's on to some of the finer and most unusual details. You can edit your character's voice, catchphrase, background music and sound effects,  skin texture, aura and even size. It's incredibly impressive and I have no doubt will be incredibly popular with players.

We only got to see a snippet of gameplay, but the character can create robots to help him, he can take help and advice from a selection of Sensei, and the adversary Kaos will make a bigger and badder comeback.

And not just as a Kaos Cake Pop...

There was plenty more time for playing, and a chance to catch up with one of our favourite more distant blogging families - ET Speaks From Home (their Skylanders post about this event is here...).

The morning was brilliant, and my boys will never forget it. My only problem is that it's going to make other events seem a bit lame for the while! They ALL slept on the way home...bless them...and the first thing they did when we got home was try on their t-shirts!

The boys were also given great goodie bags to take home, so screen time has been mainly Skylanders Superchargers since we got back....

Skylanders Superchargers has an RRP. of £24.99 for the starter pack, but is currently on offer in Smyths for £14.99. Skylanders Battlecast is free to download and additional battle packs start at £4.99. 

Skylanders Imaginators is released on October 14th in the UK, available to pre-order now. 

You can find out all you need to know on the Skylanders website.

We were treated to our morning in London by Skylanders and Activision.


  1. Ah, what a fabulous day out! Bud is just getting started with Skylanders and really loves them, I think he'd have been just as excited as your boys.

    1. I think any child would have had an amazing time - it really did pull together so much of what most of them love. We'll have to get them together to play! :)

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