Monday 6 June 2016

Liberty Trading Father's Day Gifts: Plasma Balls and Hitmen

The Liberty Trading Company Limited are a company who specialise in great gifts, and they sent me a couple of things for my partner to review. He handily has a birthday 2 weeks before Father's Day, so we got the chance to judge his reaction when we wrapped them and gave them as real presents.

We're reviewing the Plasma Ball Bluetooth Speaker and Toonstar Toys Hitmen. Both were a success, so that was good news!

Pulp Fiction is a long time favourite film, and the two little vinyl figures of Vincent and Jules are a neat collectible, but are also fine on the shelf as a duo. Standing at 3 inches tall, they may not be as imposing as the genuine article, but they also come with accessories and an I.D. card. I don't think I'm giving away a secret if I let you see into the sealed accessory bag...

The Hitmen cost £16.99, which isn't the cheapest gift on the block, but it'll last a lifetime. Breaking Bad and Back To The Future vinyl figures are also available from Liberty Trading.

Star of the show was the Plasma Ball Bluetooth Speaker.  Actually so much more than a gimmick, it has a really good sound with plenty of bass and no screeching at the top of the high notes. Better sound than the 'well-known brand' which my eldest paid a more for.

It's an attractive item to look at switched off, and huge fun to play with or just watch when it's on. Why put your hand on a plasma ball when you can touch it with your face?

Like all good bluetooth speakers, it not only looks nice (much better than it looks in the photos!) and sounds good, but you connect it to your phone (instructions were a bit sketchy on this, but just holding down the M button did the trick first time). play any of your own music or stream direct to the speakers. The controls were easy as pie for even our 6 year old (and our 45 year old).

At £26.95 I actually think this is a great gift. My teenagers would all be more than happy with this. It may not have the sound quality to fill the room for a party, but for sitting in your bedroom or cosy evenings by low light it's perfect. A somewhat useful gift that serves a purpose as well as looking good, and will give you plenty of entertainment as well...

Liberty Trading sell gifts for any member of the family, and for the house itself. The range is interesting and unusual, and we found a few real treasures. Second Class Royal Mail delivery is free to the UK mainland and gifts start at £1.99 for stockingfillers and party favours, rising to £2,399 for this gorgeous jukebox. Who wouldn't want that?...

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