Friday 10 June 2016

Children's Celebrity Drawing Quiz (Just For Fun).

I love children's artwork, I've examples from the past 10 years all over the walls, noticeboards and fridge in my house. The way children draw people is fascinating to me, and I spent a lot of time looking at that rather than actually studying when I was at college doing Child Language Acquisition.

I've even gone so far as to have one of my children's drawings embroidered onto a bag, and I've posted my children's pictures on my blog regularly with a huge degree of pride and a big smile.

Wherever you are in the world, and at whatever time in history, since the first human daubed on a wall, children have drawn, and used their imaginations to complete their pictures. The example below is from a 7 year old child called Onfim in Novgorod, Northern Russia. He drew this picture back in the 13th C AD, and it shows two of the most famous people he knew - his Mum and Dad (here's a brilliant post with more of Onfim's artwork).

Children nowadays are surrounded by images of famous people, and SunLife asked children to draw famous people, and then asked adults to see if we could recognise them. This can be harder than it sounds. Here is a drawing one of my sons brought home when he was just 4. These are an incredibly famous family, everyone has heard of them, but are they recognisable? Answers at the bottom of the page...

I asked both of my boys to have a go, and they're older now, so it should be easier, right? My craft-loving and currently more artistic 7 year old drew someone very familiar (we're most interested in the one on the left) who might just have been mentioned a lot this week. Bear in mind he's colour-blind, and sees colour very differently, he isn't drawing these people with a fake tan! Who did he draw?

Here is a drawing of someone very famous from my 6 year old. But who is it? A clue is only fair because it's a fabulous drawing, but someone from history and not what I was expecting at all! He has something big in common with the person my 7 year old drew....Answers all at the bottom of the page...

This is'nt just a good laugh, it's created more keepsakes to treasure forever. I love watching the details in their drawings build up as a child becomes more aware of their own body and surroundings.

Why not ask your children to draw some famous people? You may discover a latent talent, or you may just get some awesomely funny results! Either way, you'll have something to bring out on their 18th birthday...

Scroll down for the all-important answers:

The drawings depict:
Age 4 - Baby Jesus lying in the manger, Mary and Joseph. No, it isn't a donkey, it's a manger. He insisted emphatically at the time.
Age 6 - The Queen - Elizabeth II. No extra points for the fabulous Beefeater, sorry.
Age 7 - Henry VIII ! We were expecting Dan TDM! Apparently they are studying Henry VIII at school...and he clearly eats chicken legs.

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  1. That's very clearly Henry VIII. I knew straight away! Great drawings all around.

    1. Hahahaha! Really? Bless him, he'll be so proud when I show him :) Thanks Pippa!

  2. I guessed all of you boy's pics! They are very good :)

    1. Awww, they'll be so proud. I was very impressed, both of those pictures have pride of place on the fridge now :D

  3. Love the drawings they are something to treasure. I have a favourite of my sons when he was 4/5 he drew me playing Ukelele and with what looks like a cat on my head, in fact he told me she was on the back of the sofa!

    1. Hahaha - well, grown up people take photos like that all the time with plants and animals appearing on other people's heads! :D

  4. I appreciated your work very thanks


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