Sunday 12 June 2016

Kinetic Sand Build Crash'em Cars Review

We've been sent the Kinetic Sand Build Crash'em Cars for review. Initially I couldn't believe they'd stay together at all, but the kinetic sand holds so well that the cars have to really crash to break, and you don't have sand flying everywhere, it mainly stays on the enclosed playsurface.

Inside the box we have a selection of printed cut cards to make a scoreboard and ramps to add to the scenery, 2 sets of car moulds, an instruction leaflet and 2 colours of Kinetic Sand.

The ramps are easily slotted together, and there is a large fold out, drywipe-clean play surface which fills the entire opened box. It's cleverly designed with a lip to help contain the sand, and tabs to hold it in place.

The kinetic sand feels quite hard at first, and has to be worked until it's soft before you begin. This only takes a couple of minutes, and then you have a soft pliable product which will ooze and drip almost like a thick liquid.

To make the cars you fill the mould parts and then press them together. There are some mouldings especially to help hold the car parts together, and we found they stayed really well and were very easy to build and to tip out of the moulds.

Wheels, then the body, then the additional bits.

The ramps work really well and the card is thick and sturdy, plus there is a road cone mould, and of course you can make as many as you want...

It is inevitable that the two colours of sand will mix, and they do so very well, giving you shades of purple along the way. My boys took great delight in mixing some of the sand purposefully to make a dark purple colour.

My boys love the Kinetic Sand Build Crash'em Cars set. They've played with it a lot, and I like it too because there hasn't been any mess. They can both play together nicely, but there's plenty of scope for play alone too, crashing into walls and cones and piles of sand.

The modelling is easy, quick and fun, no-one is upset when their model is broken because it's simple to fix. Listening to the boys making their own sound effects is hilarious. If we had a complaint it would be that the cars don't fall apart easily enough!

The Kinetic Sand Build Crash'em Cars set is distributed by Spin Master, priced around £16.99 (currently on Amazon for £14.99). Suitable for children aged around 5+, it's certainly caught the imaginations and creative skills of my 2 boys.

We were sent our set for review.

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