Wednesday 15 June 2016

LEGO CITY Airport Air Show review set 60103

There are some amazing new LEGO sets this Spring, and one of the ones we were most excited about was the LEGO CITY Airport Air Show. Comprising a huge hangar, 3 planes, service car, tool wagon and an impressive 6 minifigures, it's a collectible for enthusiasts and a play set that really promises value.

This is a £69.99 set, and the box is impressively huge.

Inside the box we have 8 numbered bags, plus a bag of plates and fuel hose (string). One sheet of stickers and 5 instruction booklets.

This set is designed for children aged 6+, and one of the ways that it is suitable for them is the inclusion of separate instruction booklets and numbered bags for the different parts of the set (see my post about LEGO age range suitability here).  A younger modeller can build the plane or other item of their choice as soon as they open the box. It's not so much one big set as 5 different parts which make a whole scene. My 7 year old son chose to build a jet first of all...

Because the builds are separate, it's hard to judge entire build time, but this kept my son busy and very happy for 3 evenings after school, and his Dad couldn't help but join in with the build too...

The 3 planes are 2 matching but different jets, and an 'old-fashioned plane' or, as I'd know it, a biplane with wing-walker.

The jets are great. Matching colour schemes, but different enough to make two independent and interesting planes. One of ours is missing the nose cone there - the hazard of working with children unfortunately, no sooner built than dismantled!

The minifigures in this set are excellent and add masses to either display or play value. Alas you'll have to add your own crowd, but 6 figures in a set this size is impressive.

The only minifigure to come with interchangeable hat and hair is the female wing-walker. There are two female and 4 male characters, and one of the females is obviously a Jet Stunt Pilot - yet again reinforcing strong women characters in LEGO sets

The planes are well made and were an enjoyable build for my 7 year old. He liked noting the differences between the jet designs, and I'm sure a more knowledgeable person than I could tell you which planes they resemble. The two jets are both large and sturdy, each seating a pilot under an opening cockpit.  

The Biplane is  something special. It's a gorgeous plane, and the one I was waiting for. In striking orange and black it really is impressive and surprisingly stable. It's had a few falls off the table, but seems to have coped very well.

The LEGO Wing-Walker balances far better than I imagine the real person can ever hope for. Being made of LEGO and having stud holes on the bottom of your feet does have advantages at times - she doesn't even need to hold on...

There are a few smaller 'scenery' items in this set, which again give added play value and fire a child's imagination. There are a refuelling truck (service car) with a long reel-out hose, and a tool wagon full of tools, as well as a smaller tool bench.

Finally we come to the largest part of the set, and the build that brings it all together, the aircraft hangar. This is a really large model which is at first glance mainly plates on framework, but amazingly solid. It is designed to fit the biplane, and really does encourage a more creative builder to consider an extension...

Although this set has a fairly standard and expected number of elements for the price, it creates something bigger than usual. The play value is immense, and the display and collectible nature is also brilliant. For £69.99 you really do get excellent value for money in my book.

The LEGO CITY Airport Air Show set 60103 is available to buy now with an rrp of £69.99.

I was sent my Airport Air Show by LEGO for review.


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